Why Do We Fast? September Young Women Lesson

Why do we fast?  September Young Women Lesson.

This is one of our favorite teaching packages!  Not only will those you are teaching learn about “Why do we fast?” but they will also learn the amazing story of Esther!

We have a printable teaching package for you and also free printable talk pamphlets!

This great teaching package is available HERE.

It is also part of our September combo package HERE.

The talk pamphlets are at the end of this article.

This package comes has 20 pages full of learning activities.  All of our learning activities are focused on helping those you are teaching learn for themselves.  Just choose the ones that best fit the needs of those you are teaching!

Included are these illustrated study pages that help you study the story of Esther.  It leads up to chapter four where Esther asks the people to fast for her.  It is such a fantastic story about gaining strength from fasting.

These study pages help you look at specific verses and answer questions as you go.  There are also tips throughout that will give them insights to specific parts of the story.  It is like having a seminary teacher whispering in their ear as they go.

These story sticks also come in this package and you can use these to teach or review the story of Esther.  You can use them as you tell the story, or you can teach the story and then ask those you are teaching to retell the story using the sticks.

You can find this package, and see more pictures HERE.


Why do we fast? Young Women lesson - text this image to your girls after the lesson just before Fast Sunday to remind them what they learned! So awesome! www.theredheadedhostess.com

Here is an image that you can text to your young women following the lesson as a reminder of what they learned from Esther.  This would be especially good to send just before Fast Sunday to help them apply what they learned!

You can also share this on social media – here is how you can do it:


  • Right click on picture, save to your computer or phone.
  • Email it to yourself if you need to transfer the image from your computer to your phone.  Then open on your phone and save the images to your phone.
  • Post on social media.


September Young Women lesson: Why Do We Fast? Free printable pamphlets of the suggested General Conference talk. So great!

Here is the printable pamphlets that contain the suggested talks found in this less0n:  Why Do We Fast?  September Come Follow Me.

All of the pamphlets are found in this PDF:  why do we fast – talk pamphlets

Just print back-to-back and fold down the center.

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