Young Women and Personal Progress Trivia

Here are some Personal Progress trivia questions

You could use these in Young Womens or New Beginnings. I think it could be fun to make a skit out of it at New Beginnings or Girls Camp.  You could have a new beehive go up to different people and have her ask these questions in a fun way and so people who are watching the skit learn things too.

Do you know why Laurels are called Laurels?

Do you know what the “Mia” in Mia maids means?

What is the Young Women logo?

Do you know what the first official youth group in the church was called?

What is the color for knowledge?

Here is the printout for Personal Progress and Young Womens Trivia

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  1. Hi Shannon!
    Newly called YW president, here… Just found your site last week! I’m in love! Bookmarked right next to facebook – yes, THAT good. 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work, and I look forward to what’s to come. 🙂

  2. I can’t seem to find the answers to the trivia questions. I would like to play this game sunday but want to make sure I know the answers to all of the questions. I am new in young womens.

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