Temple Marriage: Why is it Important and How Can I Prepare Now?


Why is temple marriage important?

This instant download is packed full of meaningful things to help your young women learn about the importance of temple marriage!

This package has really meaningful learning activities that will help those you are teaching really learn and comprehend the doctrines that will help them answer the question, “why is temple marriage important?”

There are also 5 beautiful quotes that are really relevant to youth as they look forward to their future temple marriages.  Also included is a future spouse card.  This card actually belongs to each young woman’s future husband.  She will sign and date the card and then carry it with her every where she goes.  She can give this commitment card to him the day she gets married.   What a wonderful thing this card can be!

You can find this package HERE.

It is also available in our combo package HERE.

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  1. I am in YW and this is lovely. Next week we are going to be doing the Proclamation Pendants and I was wondering if you have a pdf of the flags without words? We were going to have the girls chose 12 words that stick out to them and write those so it has more meaning? I am computer stupid so I don’t know how to magically make the word disapear. If you could let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks so much for the great ideas and things here, they have truly touched me and those I serve.

  2. I just have to tell you once again how awesome you are for sharing your ideas and work with us. I’m an early morning seminary teacher in southern California and I always appreciate hearing or seeing a new idea. I thought I’d share an idea I had right in the middle of seminary this past week. We’ve been prepping for our stake scripture chase and I was listing off places they could review or test themselves – the bathroom, with their family at dinner, while they’re sitting in sacrament meeting…etc. Then it came to me and I wish it was back at the beginning of the year so I could have done it, I said you know what I should make up puzzle sheets like you find in the friend or like your word search for the prophets down below, that help you memorize, review, learn, etc the scripture mastery scriptures and every Friday I should have one ready for you to stick in your scriptures for Sunday. They loved the idea and I said I’m going to start working on ones for the Old Testament! Anyways, thought I’d share the idea with you because you’ve shared so much with us. I know that I could buy books with other people’s stuff, but I am looking forward to coming up with some fun games myself… if you are interested I will send them your way.
    Thanks again for helping to get my mind spinning in a good way!

  3. THANK YOU! I’m so excited for your study helps and soooooo appreciative of the time and effort you put into them. I hope to take my study to a new level with this approach! Thank you again. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the other topics!

  4. Hey Shannon, do you ever teach classes about your method of scripture study? I’m heading off to a Relief Society Activity Meeting right now and thought how great it would be to hear you speak and learn your ways. Please email me at [email protected] either way. Thanks, Jill

  5. I wish I would have looked at this sooner!!! I just gave that lesson today! You know you gave a lesson when all the girls come to you, hug you and tell you how much they loved it! I just have a little request?!? the next lesson Im giving is on Learning how to share the gospel. If you have some fun ideas on this could you please post it!!! THANKS ATON! I love all your posts!!!

  6. I used this handout to start my lesson yesterday. The girls were really surprised by how much they didn’t know but thought they did 🙂 It was a good way to focus them and get them to listen to the lesson. It also made them consider temple marriage in a way they never had before. Thanks!!

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