Young Women Value Throw Pillow- The Red Headed Hostess

Young Women Values Pillow - Each flower is a value color! So fun to make!
I am in love with these pillows!

We made them with our young women last week and we had a blast making them!

The flowers are super easy to make… the hard part is picking out fabrics that will look together without being too matchy-matchy.

I think I spent over an hour at the fabric store.  All I can say is… good thing my husband wasn’t with me!

You know how at bridal showers, they sometimes ask you to write down advice?  I think mine is going to be:  “Don’t make your husband go into fabric stores with you or anything like it.  It is NOT proof that he loves you.”

Since I love him… I respect his need to never-ever-ever go into one of those stores with me… not to mention spend and hour trying to find fabrics for 8 value colors.  And I never go into car part stores with him.  Its a fabulous deal we’ve got going.

So there are a few kinds of fabric flowers on this guy.

Here is how you can make them…

For this gold or “Virtue” flower… this is how it is done:

You take a strip of fabric… and don’t worry if it isn’t straight…

Then you just want to run a needle and thread up one side… back and forth from end to end

Then scrunch it all up by pulling on the thread and pushing up the fabric

And then take the end and twist them up to form a flower and then once you are satisfied, secure it in place with the thread.

Then finish it off with a button like the picture above.

For these fluffy ones (which are my favorites) this is the how to:

Cut out several circles.  Then lay one out flat, and then fold one in half and lay it right on top

Then lay another across the top of those…

And then around the whole circle until it looks like this.  When you lay the last piece down, you will need to reach down and pull up the first half circle you laid so they are all hooked together.

If you want to, you can add more layers than this to make it even more fluffy.

Then you start sewing and securing the flower together in the center

To get it super fluffy like this, you will need to place stitches here and there as you fluff and play around with it.

This guy is the easiest.

Just cut out petals and stitch them together in the center

And then sew them in place on your pillow.

I like to push them up together and layer over one another.

It could have been cute to add a couple of lone buttons… or charms.

And your girls will come up with even more ideas…  I would love to hear what they are!


  1. My brother goes into fabric stores with us girls, because we know and he knows that he has an eye for things. He took a sewing class in HS and got in the newspaper. He knew how to hang with the girls!

  2. SO CUTE!!!!

    That rule for the fabric store pertains to any child under 8 yrs old who doesn’t love to sew…I never remember this rule until I get there with my kids and they immediately freak out, like there’s something weird in the air only at the fabric store. It’s complete torture (for everyone)!

  3. Wow! These pillows are precious! I’m in love with them! I would love to do this with my YW but wanted to know if you could give me an estimate on cost, I would greatly apprecitae it! Thanks!

    1. Summer-
      I think it was around $30 for all of the supplies. I only bought a 1/4 to 1/8 of a yard of each color. We only have about 10 young women, so if you have more then you will need to adjust. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Thanks Shannon! I appreciate it! Did you use the the same patterns listed above for the for all of the flowers and just make some fluffier than others?

  5. Shannon, your site/blog has become my fav! I’m excited to tell you I will be doing these pillows with my girls in a few weeks! I premade the pillows and precut the flower fabric, due to time, and will let them stuff their pillows and do their flowers. I will post some pics for you when we are done. Did you incorporate a lesson into this? I’m thinking maybe.. ” We seek after these things” and go over the values and colors? Do you have and suggestions or ideas?

  6. We did these with our Young Women and it was fun to see how creative they got with coming up with their own flower ideas. We also realized that using glue guns instead of sewing everything, also worked. Thanks again for such a fun and really cute idea. PS I love your site!!

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