YW Value Scripture Stickers- The Red Headed Hostess

This is a page of stickers meant to put in your scriptures!

This set is mainly for Young Women… but more are coming…

There are stickers for all of the Young Women values  – so when they find a scripture that teaches them something about that value – they can put that value’s sticker by that scripture.

All you need to do is save the file to your computer, and then print it on a sticker sheet.  I got this pack of 10 from Walmart for around $4 in the LABELS section on the office supply aisle.

Make sure it says 8 1/2 x 11

If you want to invest a little more… the clear labels would look really great in your scriptures!

After you print it out,  just cut out the little individual stickers!

Then put the stickers in your scriptures wherever it makes sense to you.

This is a fun way to make your scriptures unique and all yours!

There are also a few other stickers that can be used on some of your other favorite scriptures.  Like this arrow.

Or these talking bubbles that you can write in.

AND there are some that say “mom’s favorite” or “dad’s favorite” or “______________’s favorite” so you can ask them what their favorite scripture is, and put that sticker in that place.

Here are scripture sticker printouts:  yw value



  1. I would love to share this with the YW President at my Branch. How can I forward this to her when she does not have facebook?

    1. If you save it to your computer you should be able to link it to an email. Or you can highlight the address to my website in the address bar, right click on your mouse and click “copy” then paste it in an email to her.
      Does that help?

  2. These are so cute and such a great idea. This will really add to my scripture marking. Thanks for all of your fabulous ideas and your great love of the scriptures. I just stumbled upon your blog the other day and now I’m totally hooked (as well as inspired!)

  3. Thank you for this idea. I had been wondering, “How can I make scripture stickers for my primary class?”
    And I found the answer.

  4. Great idea! We were looking for a way to motivate the girls to bring scriptures. I think this would do it! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Funny story…. I found your Family Proclamation stickers via a round-about-search and was SO excited to share them with my family. After that fhe, I began thinking about how to help my daughter (turning 12 on Jan 2 this year) see the YW values in her scriptures. I knew I should have looked deeper into your site…. but I decided to make my own…. I spent a few hours searching for little pictures I felt matched the values and then printed them out on clear address lables. They turned out so sweet! I plan to give her one of my sets and one of your sets, along with the Arise and Shine Forth journal for her birthday next week! Thank you for inspiring me to make a special gift and for helping me see the importance of scripture journaling!

  6. I love these! I was recently called to the YW’s and we are trying to plan an activity that teaches the girl how to answer major questions with the scriptures and I will DEFINALY be printing a set for each of the girls! THX!

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