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Drawn In – with David Bowman

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What videos should you use along side Come Follow Me?

The Drawn In video series is created by David Bowman.  These lds church videos are great for kids but will also entertain and teach teens and adults as well.  David started this service at the beginning of 2020 and reached out to use to see if we wanted to try and offer these to our customers.  We are happy to say that we came to an agreement and we have been able to offer our subscribers these weekly videos free of charge on top of all of the great content our subscribers were already getting with their subscription.

These videos coincide with the Come, Follow Me curriculum for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  These lds jesus christ videos are a great supplement and perfect to reinforce what your family has been studying during the week.  We watch them on Sundays with our daughter after we have been studying throughout the past week.  She loves watching them and being able to understand and follow what is in the video compared to what she just learned about earlier in the week.

Who is David Bowman?

David is a successful artist with great credentials in teaching the Gospel. He taught fulltime seminary at the high school level and understands the need to offer engaging, fun, and entertaining material for teaching the Gospel.  David was also involved in EFY, speaking often as part of that program.  There was a time when David and Shannon (The Red Headed Hostess) spoke at the same EFY many years ago.

David is the author/creator of the successful “Who’s Your Hero” children’s book series and has also made a name for himself in may fine art pieces of Jesus Christ in his “Expressions of Christ” series.  David’s Drawn In video series started in 2020 for the Book of Mormon and they are geared for young children and teens, though they are entertaining or the whole family.

These picture show some of what to expect in a Drawn In video.  David is very entertaining! Also, he does a great job in explaining doctrine and principles found in that week’s Come, Follow Me curriculum.  David Bowman is all original in these videos and you won’t find anything else like them.

Each one of the LDS church videos has:

-power verse:  a powerful verse from the chapters covered that week.
-principle of power: a principle pulled from the chapters covered that can be applied into daily life.
-now it’s my turn:  kids applying the principles found in the scriptures.
-hilarious hand puppets with funny accents teaching some of the principles found in each video.
-fun songs at the end of each video singing about those specific chapters.

At times that might require your tablet or phone to be an electronic babysitter, Drawn In is a great, guilt-free thing to let your kids watch. Great lds church videos for primary!

To access the Drawn In videos, you must have an internet connection and be logged into your subscription.  They are streaming videos, you won’t be able to download them.

See one of the videos for free below:

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  1. These are perfect for my 4 year old. Thank you for working together to provide this with the subscription, we love this and everything else that we get through the subscription. Thank you!

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