Old Testament Scripture Mastery Quizzes, Tests, and Activities

Old Testament Scripture Mastery quizzes, tests, and activities.  This comes with  20 quizzes, 5 awesome comprehensive tests, and 10+ learning activities.  Just print and go!  Hours of learning helps!



Old Testament Scripture Mastery quizzes, tests, and learning activities!  Back by popular demand!

You can fid this PDF package HERE.

This package contains hours upon hours of print-and-go learning activities!  The activities and tests in this package are expertly designed to help those you are teaching to learn, ponder, and apply the scripture mastery verses and be able to recall them easily.

Included are the following:

FIVE TESTS:  These five tests can be given at any point during the year.  They are designed to help those you are teaching reflect upon the scripture mastery scriptures, apply them to various life situations, consider key meanings, compare to basic doctrines, etc.  Your students do not need to have the scriptures memorized to take these tests!  These tests will help you see if your students are understanding the meaning of the scriptures and the doctrines and principles found within them.
10 QUIZZES:  The quizzes include various key phrase, fill-in-the-blank, and first letter quizzes. You can use these as quizzes, or each file comes with ideas of how to use the quizzes in fun class activities.
10+ LEARNING ACTIVITIES:  You will receive fun and effective class activities.  This one file alone will provide you with hours of learning activities that are ready to go for you!  The activities range from scripture mastery olympic-type activities to meaningful discussions.
The tests and learning activities are packed with challenges and meaningful questions that will send those you are teaching searching the scripture mastery scriptures.  Some questions are doctrinally based and are specific to certain scriptures.  Others are open-ended and can have many different answers.  For example, one question might say, “What scripture mastery emphasizes the importance of personal purity and being worthy?”, while another question might be, “Which scripture mastery would you choose as a theme scripture for your high school experience?”.  You will have a lot of great discussions and learning moments!
You can find this package and see a lot more pictures HERE.

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