Plan of Salvation Study- The Red Headed Hostess

In every one of my scripture journals,

I do this:

The Plan of Salvation is always drawn in.

Actually – the one above is pretty clean… not like in the rest of my journals.

They look like this:

All labeled up.

And truthfully, this is what I recommend.  You can really learn a lot this way.

And here is a little idea- – – get a huge piece of paper and have your family do this for Family Home Evening.

  • You could have your kids draw pictures of things that belong in that part of the Plan if they can’t write.
  • You could also focus on one part of the Plan a week and stretch this out over several weeks.
  • To help your kids know what to write or draw, you could put some applicable scriptures in a bowl or vase, and they have to draw or write what that scripture teaches.


Back to the journals:

If you practice your writing really small skills you can fit a surprising amount on one page

Give it a try…

Especially if you are a visual learner like me.

See our professionally illustrated Plan of Salvation Package.



12 thoughts on “Plan of Salvation Study- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. I agree! Show the whole page. I would love to know what you have written. I have loved you site for a long time & you never stop amazing me. Thank you for you inspiration!

  2. I love your blog it is such a great asset for someone (like me) who isn’t an “idea” person. I teach early morning seminary and as you probably know teens need interesting stuff at 6:00 am to keep them awake. Thank you sooo much!

  3. Shannon! I thank you for your ideas and inspiration! I love it when you show PARTIAL pages of your work. I get the basic idea of what you’re doing and then I turn into a real ‘student’ that has to dig up and retain information on her own. My creativity has increased as well because I’m coming up with my own ways to organize and teach gospel topics . I learn so much more this way. You are great! (I feel like I’m back in Seminary – doing it right this time! lol) P.S. I love the “Names of Christ” entry you shared with us. I’m doing my own study journal on Jesus Christ. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thank you for such great ideas. As you may have already noticed there are a lot of visual people around, including me. However, those of us who are not quite so creative certainly could use much major help with our scripture diggings, drawings and layouts.

    Until we get our own shovels of wisdom your inspirations are what keep the gospel growing in all of us. Keep up the good work

  5. I love the scripture journals! It has been such an amazing experience for me to grow to love my scriptures even more! Months ago, I printed off a pdf that you had posted of the plan of salvation. I can’t find it now. Have you removed it from the site? Or am I just not looking in the right place?

    By the way, I LOVE the new look for your site. It is so much easier to navigate. One bit of feedback though, you might consider keeping your printables listed on one page…possibly sorted by topic. 🙂 I refer back to those often as I homeschool, and we are using some of those printables in lapbooks etc.



  6. Very cool idea….I’m going to be different and say I’m glad you can’t see the while p page, we have to study for ourselves to learn. My page probably won’t look just like yours and that’s what is so cool about it.

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