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  • I have the chapters journal & the topic journal and want to be able to leave completed ones for my children, grand-children & great-grandchildren. I’m older and still love to read the scriptures, but I really appreciate the more interactive way of studying and pondering the scriptures that you are sharing with us. Thank you for your inspiration!   -Annette A.
  • I went on an ordering spree and bought gifts for family members and myself! As a Relief Society teacher I use the TOPIC journal for the lessons I prepare. It is so nice to have all my studying and research in one place. Thank you for sharing your gift of the love of scripture study! –Heidi
  • I have enjoyed using your journals! It has made my scripture study more meaningful and more fun!!!  -Jan
  • It really is a SCRIPTURE STUDY JOURNAL where a person will surely search and ponder the scriptures. If one will have this journal, he will surely read not for the sake of reading but the real intention of learning and seeking the truth.  –Sarah
  • My scripture journal is my rock. I LOVE it, and thoughts come to me that have never come to me when I am writing.  -Connie
  • I ordered a topics, chapters and names of Christ journal. I was pleasantly surprised to get them 8 days before the expected delivery date! So fast! Now I can’t wait to start filling them up. I am such a fan! Thank you for all of everything you do! My study is so much more than just reading the scriptures now. -Kristi
  • I am such a fan of these scripture journals. Never seen anything so cool.  –Summer
  • I started my journal last week and I and having SO much fun and I’m learning more than I ever did before! – Cerani
  • I purchased your scripture study journal at the beginning of the year and I have just loved it. You have motivated me and made scripture study so much more interesting.  -Beth
  • I think it’s so important to have a scripture journal not only so that you can record scriptures that you like, but also so that you have an immediate place to record inspirations that may come during reading.  –Emma
  • I am so excited about these journals!! I want to get six of them so that each one of my children will get to have one when we are finished! What a great gift to leave for our posterity.  -Carol
  • Every time I write in one of my (your) journals, I say a little prayer of gratitude for you. Thank you for all that you do for us. – Lori
  • I love the scripture journals! It has been such an amazing experience for me to grow to love my scriptures even more!  -Evelyn

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  1. Shannon,
    Could you create a ‘page’ instead of a “post” and put it under the parent topic ‘Scripture Journals’, and add it to your menu in the drop-down .Just call it ‘reviews’ Then you can add to it when new comments come in. Is that what you’re asking?


    1. Hi Linda!
      Just click on “books” in my upper right corner of this site, find this book and click “buy now”.
      Or if you are in Utah, they are at the Quilted Bear in Midvale.
      Thanks Linda!
      Shannon 🙂

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