Vote on Your Favorite Study Journal Cover!

Would you mind taking a moment and sharing which cover you like the best for our soon-to-be-released Book of Mormon Doodle Study Journals?

Just leave a comment with your favorite girl and boy cover option.

*  Update:  these are coming out December 2014 (not 2015) sorry for the confusion.  We have been in 2015 mode and accidentally put that on the pictures below.

*  Also, these journals are designed for ANYONE.  These will make great study material for youth, adults and families.  We designed these to be universally effective.

Book of Mormon Doodle Journal


We have designed a fun picture of Zarahemla to be used on the covers.  Which one is your favorite?


Book of Mormon Doodle Journal


These journals are expected to be ready by December 5th – most likely sooner.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook if you want to know the moment they are available.  This will be volume I of 2 volumes.  This will cover 1 Nephi through Alma 16.

Book of Mormon doodle journal

Here is a peek in the journal.  We have looked at every chapter and provided study pages where you can doodle your thoughts, notes, diagrams, pictures, lists, etc.  We have worked hard to make this fun and super effective.

Book of Mormon doodle journal

There are also really valuable pages like this .  Once in awhile we pause to give you help on some important concepts like this: “The House of Israel”.  Then, when you are studying you can keep referring back to this page.  If you, or your child, is reading the Book of Mormon and doesn’t grasp this concept (the House of Israel) then there will be many confusing chapters.  However, if you (or they) do grasp it, those chapters come alive.

Book of Mormon doodle journal


Also, we give you TONS of tips to help guide you through the Isaiah chapters (see above left).

We have really strived to give you just enough throughout this entire journal.  Just enough to help you slow down, study with variety,  and have major impact with your studies, but not too much to get in your way.


Thank you in advance for letting us know your favorite cover option!


115 thoughts on “Vote on Your Favorite Study Journal Cover!

  1. all of the girls are great. all boys except the last one. but honestly, I would get any of them because your stuff is so effective. the cover is just icing on the cake.

  2. I will be ordering these for all of my kids. We give them all a spiritual gift on Christmas Eve and this is perfect!

    I don’t have a preference for the covers. They all look really great. It is the inside I am super excited about!!!

  3. why does there need to be a girl cover and a boy cover? They would all be great for either, My favorite is A1. But if you go around telling everyone they are for boys or girls- then it will be a big deal with the kids. If they don’t know there is supposed to be a gender based cover they won’t care….

  4. I love A1 for both genders. Can I also suggest that you eliminate the word ‘doodle’ from the title. Its sounds too cutsie or juvenile for a study journal that will be kept for a lifetime. Just my $.02 🙂

  5. A1 for the girls and B3 for the boys. Your products are wonderful. I just ordered your new Adult Study Guide for 2015 and I am excited to see get it!! Your products and gospel study tips have been such a help to me as a busy mom and has allowed me to know and learn that there are many ways to fit gospel study into my daily routine, not matter how busy I may get. Thank you for sharing your talent and for the products that you are committed to sharing with the rest of us! 🙂

  6. I like A-1 and B-3. I am so glad you came up with this idea!! I have friends who do Bible Journal doodling and I always wished there was something like that for the BOM! I’m a convert so I’m still learning and sometimes I have a hard time understanding the BOM. I think this would be a great tool for ME and I’m 51! lol I can’t wait to hopefully buy one of these when they’re available. Thank you!

  7. I love A1 for both genders! I love how the dark background makes the words and images stand out. Very nice! But B1 would be my choice for the boys, if I had to choose separately.

  8. I like the dark covers for both of them so A1 and B3…they really stand out as opposed to the white covers where the text seems to be washed out. These look great! Can’t wait to see them completed!

  9. A2 and B1 – I like the stripes. I agree about making them gender neutral when you offer them for sale. I almost always prefer the “boy” versions and I’m a grandma.

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