Nephi was Blessed for Choosing the Right

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*NOTE: This kit was originally created for February 2017 Sharing Time.  You can easily adapt the instructions for your family. 

This February Sharing Time teaching package is designed specifically for week 3. We have provided wonderful teaching tools and suggestions to help your LDS Primary understand how, “Nephi was Blessed for Choosing the Right.

Included in this package is 30 pages of sharing time teaching suggestions and helps! You will love the illustrations, the learning activities, and more!

This is a DIGITAL INSTANT DOWNLOAD. A Printable PDF file will be available to download upon purchase.

See below for details on what is included in this kit.


SAVE BIG by purchasing this kit in our Combo Package!

This February Sharing Time teaching package helps you teach your LDS Primary children how, “Nephi was Blessed for Choosing the Right”. This package is FILLED with teaching suggestions and activity ideas designed to engage those you are teaching! This teaching package is 30 pages and includes the following:

Teaching Ideas and Suggestions

  • Tips for Planning a Successful Sharing Time
  • Additional “Nephi was Blessed for Choosing the Right” Learning Activity: This meaningful activity was designed to teach the Primary children about the blessings Nephi received as he was obedient. This teaching tool is designed to get the children in Primary participating. See more details and instructions inside kit.
  • Application Teaching Ideas

Meaningful Teaching Display

  • Assembly Instructions and Ideas
  • Sharing Time Theme Poster
  • Giant “Nephi” Cutout

Teaching Take-Home Ideas

  • Teaching Take-Home Ideas Instructions and Ideas
  • Activity Coloring Page: 2 Sizes are included for your convenience (full-sheet and half-sheet)
  • Note to Parents: Send home a little note with the Primary children about what they learned in sharing time! This take-home help provides a great jump-start for some dialogue in the home about gospel principles.


  • To print as many times as you would like for your personal, family or classroom use (please show this to any printer you may take this to in order to prove that you are not infringing on the copyright by printing the book)
  • To print and give the book (on paper) to others
  • To digitally send to other members of your Primary Presidency.

Not Allowed:

  • This file cannot be given to anyone else. You may give a printed copy but not the actual digital file. In order to own a digital file it must be purchased.
  • This file is never to be emailed to anyone else for the purpose of giving it to them or sharing it with them. In order to own a file it must be purchased. This file cannot be given to anyone else. (Sharing the file with your Primary presidency members IS ALLOWED.)
  • Do not post this file, or images from this file on a blog, website or anything like it for the purpose of giving it away or selling it. If you wish to share about this book then you may use our display pictures.
  • Do not change this file in any way.
  • Do not use all or part of this file or book for commercial use in any way.
  • Anything that is not meant for the intended use of this book which is for personal, family or classroom use. We are offering this as a digital file for the convenience of our customers, any abuse of that is not allowed.

*Note: Copyright enforced and protected by The Red Headed Hostess LLC.

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