40 Group Date Ideas

40 really fun ideas for group dates!

What to do for LDS group date ideas?

Here are some fun ideas you can print off and give to your kids who are looking for some fun group date ideas. Just have them look through these and pull their favorite ideas, adapt them and then make them happen! Perfect to give to your young womens or young mens group. You may find some fun ideas for your family or youth activities too! 🙂

Iron Chef:

Pick an ingredient (like bacon, yogurt, pretzels, cinnamon, etc.) and split your group up to 2 different houses.  Each group has to make an entrée and a dessert starring that ingredient (make enough for everyone to share and one nice dish for a set of judges).  Pick a couple of judges to come to one of the houses at the same time the other group arrives with their dishes.  Have the judges taste and judge the dishes (you can make a judging card with elements like “taste”, “creativity”, “appearance”, etc.) and write the winners on a paper in an envelope.  Then everyone can sit and eat together and then open the envelope to find out who won.  The losers have to do the winner’s dishes.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 

As a group go to the mall, the zoo, a museum or another public place.   As you arrive look at the clock and determine the exact time 15 minutes from then.  Split into groups and search to find an item and take a picture of it with your phones.  At the 15 minute mark everyone is to text that picture to the other groups and now everyone sets out to find those items texted to them.  When they find it, they take a picture and text it to the groups to show they had found it.  The first group to find each item wins.  *Make sure to discuss appropriate, respectful behavior (no running, etc.) during a activity like this.

Artist Night:

Go to the art store and pick up some canvases, paints, and paint brushes.  Pick a famous piece of art and print it off and hang it so everyone can see.  Challenge everyone to paint that onto their canvas and then compare everyone’s paintings.


As the guys plan this date, have each one choose a “favorite thing” like:  a favorite appetizer, dinner dish, dessert, game, etc. and then plan the night around these items.  For example, you could have someone’s favorite chips and dip and someone’s house and then go to In-N-Out for the favorite hamburger, go to someone else’s house for the favorite dessert, and then play that favorite game.

Service Scavenger Hunt:  

Have fun and serve at the same time.  You could pick a neighborhood and make a list of 10 things they could do in that neighborhood over the next 2 hours.  For example:  pull some weeds, mow a lawn, wash some windows, sweep the gutters, etc.  Take some pictures as you go.

Meaningful White Elephant: 

When asking the young lady on a date ask her to bring a wrapped item like “a favorite book”.   Then as an activity play the traditional white elephant game.  This is fun because everyone walks away with a new book to read, plus you get to know each other a little better.

Sponsored by the letter ____ : 

Pick a letter and plan a date around that letter.  If you chose “T” you could have Turkey sandwiches in Tents and play Taboo.

Tinfoil Dinners: 

Go up the canyon or somewhere you can legally start a fire.  Find some good campfire recipes and take all of the things you need with you to the campsite.  This is a good activity because it is so interactive and takes a lot of time.  Take games, guitars, and fun things to do while you are waiting.

Groundhog Day: 

Pick up your date at a specified time with a single flower.  Take her to a house where everyone is meeting where everyone has one slice of pizza.  Play a game like Pictionary.   And then take her home.  5 minutes later, pick her up again with another flower, go to that same house and have another slice of pizza and play the same game with the same clues.  Take her home.  Repeat and finish with watching “Groundhog Day”.

Night Games:

Bring back your childhood days and play the good ol’ games like “kick the can” or “steal the flag”.


Pick some friends or some people who you would like to show some love to.  Cut up some hearts and write reasons you are grateful for that person – sneak to their home and tape those hearts up on their doors.  Ring the bell and run.  You could do this for multiple people.


Find some basic photography tutorials and take a camera and practice some of the basic techniques you learn.  Come back to a home and print off your favorites.

Pizza Night:

Find some really good recipes for pizza and gather all of the ingredients.  Make the pizza together, starting with the dough.  As you are waiting for the dough to rise and the pizzas to cook, play games or watch movies together (make sure you read the recipe so you know how much time to plan for so you don’t find yourself trying to think of things to do).

Make your own miniature golf course: 

Choose a home with a good back yard for this and set out all sorts of supplies (boards, tape, dishes, toys….) and then assign each couple to make one part of the course.  So they need to come up with some kind of obstacle and a “hole” for the golf ball.  After everyone is finished – play the course!  (And make sure to take pictures!)

Ice Cream and Games: 

Contact the manager at a local ice cream place or restaurant and ask if it is okay if your group comes, purchases products and plays board games at the tables.  They may even stay open late for you if you your group is large enough!  Trust me – we own Sub Zero Ice Cream in Murray, Utah – and we love to do this for large dance groups.

Design your Dream Home and Yard: 

Put out large pieces of paper or poster board and have each couple design architectural designs of the main floor of their dream home and yard.   See how creative they can get – they can even find pictures online and tape them into various rooms and places in the yard.

Learn a cooking technique: 

A lot of young people don’t know certain cooking techniques like making a “curd”, “bread pudding” or something like that.  Choose a delicious recipe while learning this new technique together.

“Teach Your Date To”: 

Instruct your date that everyone in the group will have a set amount of time to teach everyone else something, so to come prepared with whatever they need.  The group size should determine how much time each person can be given.  People can teach serious or silly things like a magic trick, how to do a french braid, playing a musical instrument, or how to check the oil in your car.

Date by Number: 

Sit down and decide everything you would like to do on your date for example:  1- have an appetizer, 2- eat Subway sandwiches, 3- Eat chips, 4- Eat a side salad, 5- Have pie, 6- Watch a funny comedian, 7- Play a card game, etc.  Then put all of those things on separate strips of paper and put them in a jar or hat.  Then one at a time draw them out doing those things in the order they are drawn, once it is finished, draw another thing out.  You just may have pie first!

Sidewalk Chalk Art:

Give each date a set of sidewalk chalk and a large portion of a sidewalk or driveway.  Give them one hour to draw the best picture they can – then go around and have fun looking at everyone’s masterpieces.  And take lots of pictures – including the chalk covered dates!

Favorite recipes: 

Divide the courses for dinner up among the dates and assign each one appetizer, salad, main course, side dish, bread, dessert, etc.  Have each person bring their favorite dish and share the recipes with each other.

Morning Date in the Mountains: 

Go up into the mountains early in the morning and cook pancakes over the fire.

Progressive Dinner: 

Have each guy host part of the dinner at his home where he is in charge of that part of the dinner along with a short activity.

Creative Bowling: 

Go bowling, but take a list of conditions that people have to draw out of a hat each time they are up.  For example, they may have to bowl backwards, in high heels, without separating their knees, while kneeling, without walking, doing a tap dance, on their tip toes, etc. – you could even make it so they have to pull two or three conditions!)

Ice Cream Competition: 

Have enough ice cream makers for each couple.  Meet together and have each couple research a recipe they want to make then go to the store and gather the supplies you need.  Make the ice cream, put in the makers and then have dinner and play games while waiting for the ice cream to finish.  Bring in a judge for a blind taste test.

Breakfast for Dinner: 

Make a Grand Slam type breakfast for dinner!  You could even do this on a griddle over a camp fire.

Field Trip Day: 

Go back to your childhood day and pick some places in your city where you may have done a field trip as a child.  Visit your local cities website for tourist information to see what they suggest.  Take a picnic or sack lunches.

Flashlight Tag:

Create your own laser tag course in someone’s back yard.  Set up the course using boxes and anything you can find.  Have everyone dress in dark clothes and give everyone a flashlight.  When it gets dark give everyone one minute to find a location in the yard and then yell “go!”.  Then try to “tag” someone with your beam of light.  Last one in wins.

Glamour Shots: 

Remember the Glamour Shots from the 80’s?  These can be a riot to recreate!  Get a large box of dress up clothes and other beauty supplies and set up a camera with a back drop.  Have everyone pick a theme for a picture and go for it.  They can be a cowboy, a rock star, a librarian… whatever they can create!  Take the pictures, print off the best one for each person and roll in laughter!

Candy Making: 

Try some candy making techniques like dipping chocolates, caramel, toffee or pulling taffy.

Dutch Oven Cook Off: 

Gather a dutch oven for each couple and have each couple decide on, and then make a dutch oven recipe.  Play games while you are waiting for them to cook and then bring in a judge for a blind taste test.

Restaurant Count Down:

Find a main street in your area that has a lot of restaurants on it.  Park your car and then take a pair of dice and roll them.  Whatever number you get, start driving and counting restaurants as you drive, stopping and eating at the one on the dice.

Make a Toy Story:

Get a video camera for each couple, and have each couple select a toy that they want to make a 10 minute video about.  Then have each couple write and make a short movie about that toy.  They can take that toy around the yard, anywhere in the house… it will be fun to see how clever everyone gets!

Culture Night:

Pick a country of choice (it could be somewhere you want to know more about, or somewhere someone has been) and focus the evening around it.  The food, the entertainment, music, games, facts, etc.

Museum Scavenger Hunt:

Go to a museum and split into dates and look for things like:  something fuzzy, something shiny, the most beautiful thing, something you don’t understand, something really old, etc.  Take pictures with your phone of each one and come back together and see what people found.

Watch a Sports Game on TV: 

Get together to watch a game you are interested in and have some fun while you are at it.  Fill a bowl full of yummy candy, and fill another bowl full of things  that may happen in the game like:  BYU advances 10 yards, or The opponent gets a touch down… etc.  Then everyone pulls out a paper and whichever one happens first gets a piece of candy.  Throw the papers back in and pull again and repeat until the candy is gone – or the game is over.

Popcorn (and movie) Night: 

Get together to watch a movie but make the treats extra special by making all flavors of popcorn.

Twinkle Lights: 

Set up on your patio or in the corner of your yard several strands of white lights, lay out blankets and pillows and have a picnic and play games.  You are doing regular date stuff, but making it memorable by creating a fun atmosphere.

Thrift Store finds: 

Give each couple three dollars with the challenge to go to the thrift store and find the most odd or outrageous item.  Don’t let any other couple see what you got.  Go back to someone’s house and present them, one at a time, to a parent, who then picks the MOST outrageous one.

Model Rockets:

Go to your local scout store and pick out a good model rocket.  Build them together and go launch them in an open area.

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  2. Some of the best creative date ideas iIv seen. My husband and I have to teach at a youth conference on dating. Thanksf or some great ideas!

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