Easter Sticks Part 1- The Red Headed Hostess

My local grocery store has a brilliant marketing plan.

They have wisely placed a cart of colorful flowers at the entrance of the store.  And every time I enter, I pause and consider buying 1 or 2 or 10 plants.  I pause and think – should I get some?  And then I consider the fact that I fell for the marketing plan last year and 1/2 of the plants died after a few days.  And then I walk away only to face the battle again the next time I walk into the store.

But these little Easter Sticks won’t die.  And they WILL add that color to your life that we all are craving after winter.

This project comes in 2 parts:

1- The little bunnies

2-  The felt and fabric eggs

First:  the little bunnies

You need:

Wooden bunnies (I got these at Michael’s for maybe 30 cents each), paint, painting sponge, glue, glitter or I used Martha Stewart’s metallic glass microbeads, wooden sticks, wooden skewers, hot glue gun and glue.

First, paint your bunnies.  I did a very light coat so some of the wood grain would show through.

Then accesorize your bunnies.

Using the end of your skewer, put little dots all over him

Then sprinkle him all over with your bead color of choice.  Be sure to do this with a cookie sheet underneath!  Otherwise you will have little glass balls rolling all over your house.  Read here if you need further persuasion in the matter.

And here he is:

I LOVE the glass beads.  Love love love.

So many fun options on how you can accesorize these little guys!  Just use the pointy end of your skewer to shape the glue.

Guess what design us under these blue beads!

Him!  I think he is my favorite.

Then I had an idea.  I decided to Mod Podge some with fabric.  Just place the fabric where you want it,

Then blot the glue all over

Then smooth it out.  Let dry.  Then apply a couple more coats.

Here he is.  Just hot glue a stick onto the back of each bunny.  And put them in a planter on your front porch.

Its too early to plant flowers – but this will do the trick for bringing spring into your life.


Just fill in the base with moss and some river rocks.  And I have some birch branches stuck in the back.

The hearts are from a similar Valentine Stick project.


And you can add some to arrangements you have around the house

Happy Easter!!


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