Eight 4th of July ideas for Kids

  1. Put out a tub of sidewalk chalk and have them decorate the driveway with patriotic pictures.
  2. Put out all sorts of red, white, and blue decor (such as ribbons, streamers, and balloons), and have them decorate their bikes, wagons, strollers, pets, and themselves –  and then have them put on their own parade for the family.  You could also give them small bags of candy to throw out to you.
  3. Find a patriotic song and have your kids make up a dance to it.  Then have them perform it for everyone that night.  (You could even make it crazier by having them do it with sparklers when it gets dark)
  4. Cover the picnic tables with long sheets of white paper.  Have them make the tablecloths by setting out markers and crayons then they can decorate it with patriotic pictures (like flags, fireworks, etc.).
  5. Get a bag of small paper flags (toothpick size) and red gum drops (or other candy), have the kids stick the flags in the gum drops (so they can stand) and decorate the table with them.
  6.  Take some of their favorite games and replace them with patriotic words.  (For example,  instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose” they say “Turkey, turkey, Eagle” [Because Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the Turkey instead of the Eagle])
  7. Play “Sparkler Hunt”.  This can only be played when it is totally dark.  How to play:  you will hide a bunch of small paper flags in your yard and everyone runs to go look for them.  However, they can only look for them while they have a sparkler going in their hands – when the sparkler burns out, they have to run back and get a new one.  (Make sure to tell them that they have to hold the sparkler out with a straight arm off to their side so if they fall they won’t land on the sparkler)
  8. Using the same technique as this pillow – have them make some flags.  You could then glue them to sticks and put them in buckets of sand for your centerpiece.

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