To My Sweet Husband- The Red Headed Hostess

Today marks 2 years since the day we were married.

I am so lucky and so grateful.

You have been perfect for me and everyday I am reminded of what a good choice you were.

I am so proud of you and that I can call you my husband.

And I want you to know that I see how carefully you work at making me happy.

 I know that I have to carefully decide when to look into a gallery window and “ooh” and “awe” at a bracelet there, because you will go and get it for me.

And I know that the only time you would ever want to walk into a jewelry store (or any retail store) is when you are buying me a gift.

And you always know what I will love.

I know that this binder will forever be front and center right here.   And no matter how many times I put it away, it always ends up here again, in the front room.  Because you were working on your church responsibilities – and that is more important.

I know that you always leave your lotion out.  Every. Single. Day.  But it means that you are here.

And I get one more day with you.

I know that the only time you would ever plan on going to a Broadway production is because you know I would love it.

And I know you have had these tickets since February.  For our Anniversary.  Today.

I know that I can count on you to take care of everything around our home.  I love that about you.

And I love that if you don’t know how to fix or build something, you will figure it out.

Like how I said, I would love a new deck.

So as soon as the snow melted last spring

You figured it out

And made us a place we have been enjoying all summer.

And then I mentioned I would like some new deck furniture.   So you built me some.  And you know how much I love them.

Life with you has been wonderful in everyway.

I love our adventures together.

The fun we have together

Your daily problem solving

The trips we take together and how we keep dreaming of going back.

You are the man of my dreams.  And I love you.


  1. What a beautiful tribute. I have tears in my eyes from reading it. The world needs to see more of this kind of sweet and adoring marriage, rather than the belittling and critical marriages they see on TV.

  2. what a special tribute to my grandson. You are both such special people. I will even forgive you for not be able to come to our family party-since it was right on your 2 year anniversary. Luv ya both

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