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Here is another Book of Mormon Map for your study!  This is specifically for Alma 36 -49 which will start you on what is often referred to as the “war chapters” and are some of my favorite chapter to teach because Mormon jam packed these stories with principles that are incredibly applicable to us.
I have done something different with these maps which I feel is a definite improvement – they are numbered so you can follow the story easier.  So, if I were you – I would start by getting a colored pencil and finding each number and coloring them in.
This Book of Mormon Map is intended to help in your personal study.  Their purpose is to help you connect, visualize and remember the stories, and they are meant to be used as you study.  Color in the different lands if you wish – but most importantly, take notes on the page.  Note what is happening, principles that stick out to you – and the significant doctrines that are taught in certain places.
One thing you may notice  is that the war dragged on and on and on and on…. and Moroni never slackened.  He and his army were valiant in their fight (I wonder how they fet about their descendants  just one book later).  I think typically we focus on the few famous battles – not all of the minor ones that likely weren’t so minor to them – and there are so many principles to gather from each different battle along with stepping back and seeing them all together.
So take this map, print it off, and as you read – figure out what the people, arrows, letters on their clothing, props they are holding… all mean.
Download the Alma 36-49 map HERE.


For more maps and a detailed study of the Book of Mormon see our Book of Mormon Study Guide HERE.


  1. I will be sharing these with my, soon to be, missionary son– I know they will be of great benefit. It coincides so much with our day– just like it was prophesied!

  2. I love using these maps when I study! It helps me to follow where everyone is and what’s going on in the lives of the people in the Book of Mormon. I noticed that this one says War Chapters Map #1. Does that mean there’s another one in the works for the rest of Alma??!

  3. I am dittoing Amanda’s question: will there be a War Chapters Map 2? Just completed the first one and it was TRULY awesome! LOVED IT! Would love one for the rest of the War Chapters!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. hi,
    just been called to ss, 16 to 18 . like the map idea going to try it this week and see how the youth like it ,thank for sharing this .i love it ….

  5. I love the maps. I’m currently reading the war chapters and love the map that goes with it. Have you completed the second map yet?

  6. Thank you so very much. I wish you were my one on one teacher. Your hard work is very much appreciated. I am on my third map and loving how it has made these flashback much easier. Please never leave this great and wonderful gift you have given to us.

  7. I looked each scripture block up and for all 32 places on this map and wrote what it was about if you, Red Headed Hostess, would like it or if anyone else would like it; it’s 4 pages long. [email protected], write “Seminary map” in the subject box

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