Book of Mormon Study Map – Alma 1-27

* I wanted to re-post this because this is where many of you are in Sunday School.  I print these off, trim the edges, and paste them into my CHAPTERS journal, like this.

When Mormon compiled the Book of Mormon, there are a few places where he is telling different stories that overlap each other in time.  For example, while my brother was on his mission in the Philippines, my little sister was in High School, I was teaching Seminary, and my older sister was raising her family.  We were each having our own story.  So if someone were writing a book about my family, there would be a challenge in telling our individual stories, in one book,  without confusing the reader concerning where, when and who they are reading about.

This is why you can become rather confused in the Book of Mosiah and the first 27 chapters of the Book of Alma.  Mormon is telling stories that overlap in time and he does a brilliant job at it.  But I think he expected us to do a little work in piecing it all together.  If you are a visual learner – I hope this helps you.  This is one of a series of Book of Mormon visual maps.  By no means do I expect this to be accurate in terms of geography.  I arranged the cities and lands in more of a chronoligical manner – so as stories progress, you move down the page.  I left the actual geography up to the dedicated scholars.

Print it off and write all over it.  Color code it.  And make your inspired notes.

 alma missionary map PDF file

alma missionary map WORD file

And here is a simple activity if you just want to sit down and get a bird’s eye view of the story line…

Book of Alma Map Activity

I truly hope this helps you.


Our maps have been updated and included in our Book of Mormon Study Guide found HERE.



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  1. I have just stumbled onto your website and I just am so impressed! What a darling you are to help people out so much. I am just giggling, reading your chocolate chip cookie instructions. I can’t wait to use your ideas for myself and in Young Womens. Thank you so much. MaryAnn in StGeorge, Ut
    PS Do you have any daughters that my return missionary could meet? Haha.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I’m teaching a RS scripture class on Alma right now. This was perfect. I plan on sharing it with everyone. Thanks again for all your insights.

  3. Thanks so much for what you have posted on your website! What valuable resources! Our family has been reading in the Book of Alma for a while. After finding your website a few days ago, I got us each a ‘scripture journal’ and printed off the first of your Alma maps. I had the kids glue their maps into their journals and start to color them. We’re starting Alma over and going slower. I know the kids (9, 8, and 3) will ‘get it’ more this time through. Thanks again for taking the time to upload all of your materials:)

  4. I just found you a couple weeks ago. It was a link to your scripture study journal that brought me here! I have to give you a sincere thank you! I am actually studying and reading my scriptures! I’m a convert (baptized at 18, that was 15 years ago!) and I love going through your “lessons” and learning and recording my own insights. Thank you for your generosity! I’m a Mia Maid advisor and have been directing my darlings here as well. We’ve all started scripture journals! Thank you for sharing your testimony and knowledge!

  5. This is so awesome! I JUST finished reading Mosiah and am now in Alma and I get what you are saying totally. Just in case you haven’t heard this in the last 30 seconds (because you should hear this all the time in my opinion!): YOU ROCK! Thanks again. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing all of these great lessons and maps! I LOVE to read my scriptures and I’m always looking for new perspectives and insights. Your site will keep me busy for a while. Thank you!!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I absolutely love your ideas and I am excited to get started on my scripture journal and journey! What you have posted is helping me to better organize my thoughts and like you, leave a legacy with my own children… “My Journey through the scriptures!”

  8. Thank you! I agree with the sister in an earlier post– there are so many people who could benefit from you publishing your information. Until then, I will continue to refer all my friends and ward members to your website. You are such a blessing to everyone!

  9. I have been searching your site now for a couple of days. In all seriousness, it is a blessing to have found you. Your generousity is an example to be followed! Thank you for letting us view and use your ideas. Can’t wait to do this activity!! Catrina Campos

  10. Just printed out your map for the Book of Mosiah. A good project for tomorrow to color it after church. Thanks so much for the efforts you put in to teaching and then sharing with all of us.

  11. Thank you so much for the map. I do have a dumb question: Do you (for example) start with 1st Nephi and go in order from there or do you jump around. I read in the topics journal that you premark it do you do the same for the chapters journal. If I understand you have a chapters journal, a topics journal and a family journal that you use. I have ordered them and they will be here tomorrow. YEA, I can hardly wait to get started!

  12. Hello! Thank you! It’s amazing!
    I’d like to know about if you have some material (maps) for to study about Captain Moroni and his activities over the cities.

  13. I just found these maps and downloaded the ones for the book of Alma. I’ve drawn some primitive ones myself in an attempt to keep the story straight in my head, so I appreciate these printable ones. I wish the font used was different though. It works great in the larger title section of the map, but when the map it printed, the font is really hard to read in the other smaller areas.

    1. Hi Jennifer – are you referring to the hand-drawn maps or the ones re-done by the graphic designer? If it is the ones by the graphic designer that would be really easy to change.


      Shannon 🙂

  14. As a family, we have “reading” scriptures together for years each morning. But I struggle to know how to involve my 4 school aged children in a deeper family “study” of the Book of Mormon. Also, a lot of times they lose interest, look away and stare at the wall or whatever. I think these study pages are going to reeeeeeaally help us! I am wondering, do you have study pages for the entire book of Mormon at this point? Or is it just for certain sections for now (like 1st and 2nd Nephi, Alma, etc)? Thank you so much for sharing these great tools!

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