God the Father – Spouse Study with Children Evaluation

Out of everything I have posted on my site, this is what I feel most passionate about.  I really feel that this will help us all take a direct approach to making certain that our children are being taught the most important doctrines.  I know how hard it is.  I teach the Gospel every day and I am constantly in the scriptures with the youth – but I cannot always say that at the end of the year, that I have taught them, clearly, the doctrines that are the most important.  That takes a very focused effort, and often as you are pressing through a book, it is easy to be side tracked by good things – but they may not be as essential.  I think, I typically teach everything in some form, but to say that I feel satisfied that I taught it clearly and with power, and that I am certain they understood and received feedback from them that they did — well that is what I am not satisfied with yet.  So, I have a plan on how that will happen in the future.  But – most importantly – I do not want to even risk that my children will spend their entire childhood with me, and not be taught these clearly – from us, their parents.   So I am so happy that The Church Board of Education has recently come out with the Basic Doctrines List.  In case you missed that post, please go here to read about it and to get the instructions for what I am providing here in this post.

In addition, it can be a wonderful experience for you and your spouse to sit down together and study these – especially with the needs of your family in mind.

The doctrine for this week is “God the Father”.  Here is the study materials:   basic doctrines evaluation and spouse study – God the Father

Next week:  Jesus Christ

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