Scripture Marking for the Book of Luke – Sectionalizing


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Sectionalizing is something I do in my scriptures all of the time.  It is so helpful for me to pick out major themes that are being taught within a chapter.

So, what is sectionalizing? It is a name I made up to describe my technique of drawing lines in your scriptures to create “sections” of scriptures that are talking about the same theme. For example: in the first section  you would draw a line above the first verse and then another line below the last verse.   And then you would write the given phrase in the margin between those 2 lines.   You can find an example here.

So here are the sections for the Book of Luke:  Sectionalize

I have already posted sections for Matthew and Mark.

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  1. Thank you. The sectionalizing has really enhanced my study. Kept it neat and concise. Not looking for the flow of the stories but the doctrine, the point of the author. Not looking at a whole chapter as a guide, but individual experiences and close up reflections. Thanks again for sharing so much of your talents. You’ve blessed my life.

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