Journal Quotes Week 20… Sentence Sermons

This is part of a series of quotes

made for you so you can cut them out and put them into your scripture journals.

Go here for instructions on how to put them in your journals.

This week the quotes are sentence sermons.  Meaning, a single powerful sentence that you could give an entire sermon about.

Here is the printout for week 20 in color: journal quotes sentence sermons color

And here it is in black and white:  journal quotes sentence sermons black and white

I hope you like them! :)



  1. I loved your study tip to read three times (it reminded me again of the amazing talk by Elder Richard G Scott, “To Acquire Spiritual Guidance”, thank you) – and I love all of your journal quotes! Thank you so much for sharing. (I have to add that your Father’s Day post made me laugh and smile – eternal marriage is a beautiful, wonderful thing)!

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