Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs

Say this… I dare you…

Say it again…

Now say it faster…

You may not know what you are saying, but you are saying it… and you sound funny.


Hee hee hee…

I would be laughing at you if I could hear you.

Lets try another.


No… this is not about Justin Bieber

If you pretend that you are trying to understand someone speaking English, you may get these easier.



ah… ha…

Up for another?


Can you figure this one out?

Are your kids wondering what in the world you are doing?

Are they planning some kind of family intervention?


What is fun about this activity is that the more familiar you, your kids, or your class is with the scripture mastery scriptures – the more likely they will be to figure it out.

And this activity, for some reason, makes them want to figure it out first – so it helps motivate those that need an extra push.

A couple of ideas with this activity:

  • While playing, I let those who figure it out come up and stand behind me so that they can see the answer.  It is HILARIOUS when you know what everyone is saying as they are completely bewildered.
  • If you have a big enough group, you could have them come up for the rest of the activity – so once they figure it out they get to stay up there (this allows the kids who aren’t as quick to get a chance to get some).  Or if you have a smaller group, you can let them stay up there for 1 or 2 rounds and then go back.
  • FYI… while making these, sometimes I spoke in an accent and wrote it down that way.
  • After everyone gets used to the activity, you could have them write their own mad gabs.

Here is the file – it prints out quite large so everyone can see them.  You will need to glue (or staple) the fronts and backs together:  Scripture Mastery Doctrine and Covenants Mad Gabs

Remember: When printing, if it prints weird, try saving it to your computer and then printing it from your saved file – the proportions should be better that way.

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  1. these are hilarious! and a great way to test ones knowledge on the scripture masteries. i think i may just have to print these off for my husband and i. thanks for sharing this!

  2. We played this today and it was a big hit. When the teams found the scripture they took off on blanket chariots around the cultural hall. A blast! thanks for the cards.

  3. We did this today for our scripture mastery review. By the time we were done all of my other kids (we do home study seminary) were gathered around laughing with us. I think we may have been a little to loud! We then took turns creating our own. It was a blast!

  4. I’ve just been called to teach Old Testament to our early-morning Seminary students. Can you give me some hints for making these up for Old Testament…or better yet…do you plan on doing them for Old Testament ? 🙂 They’re GREAT!

  5. I was wondering if you could create a sticker sheet that is just the Book of Mormon? That would be great for this years scripture study!

    THANKS! love your ideas and thoughts!

  6. Shannon, I can not get the Doc & Cov flash cards to come up so that I can download them. Is there anyway you could send it to my email address? I love your work and it has been so helpful in working with the youth in our ward and my grandson. THANKS!!

  7. Hi Shannon, The link for the “Scripture Mastery Doctrine and Covenants Mad Gabs” cards isn’t working. Could you possibly send them to my email address? I’d love to play it with my kids for FHE! Thank you! And thanks for the amazing website! It has been such a blessing to me and my family.

  8. Hi Shannon! Thanks for the super-fast response! I tried the link again and it’s still not working. I’m getting a page full of random symbols and words. Thank you for taking the time to look into this for me! 🙂

  9. I am new to teaching seminary…this year we are doing the New Testament. Do you have anything like this for the other scripture masteries we must teach? I love this Idea!

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