May Youth Lesson Ideas and Pamphlets- The Red Headed Hostess

How does each new month come so fast?

We have been scrambling to get together the resources for your lessons this month, but I think we have a good start here.  Check back later for things we have added.  🙂

All of the suggested talks in the lessons are at the bottom of this post in pamphlet format.  So you can print these back-to-back and fold over in the middle.  These are all formatted to fit onto one page (they fit great into class journals)  and the paragraphs are numbered.


Here is our teaching package on Testimony.  This has 5 different study/teaching activities in it, plus a handout of a seed growing into a tree that goes with Alma 32.  One of the study activities goes with “testimony” in True to the Faith” and another are scripture boxes where you study scriptures and write in each box what that scripture teaches you about testimony.  There is a sheet of scripture boxes about strengthening your testimony, and a sheet about bearing your testimony.

You can find this package HERE.






Living prophets teaching package!


This is a teaching package about living prophets.  Both the YM & YW and the Sunday School have lessons on this.  This would also make a fun FHE.

This package includes some really fun and applicable teaching suggestions, as well as 3 different group activities.  There is also a page where those you are teaching can test their knowledge of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve.

You can find this package, and read more about it HERE.

Awesome study book about personal revelation! Goes with True to the Faith!


Here is a darling flip book about Understanding Personal Revelation.  This helps you take the doctrine taught in True to the Faith, and look at it principle by principle.  It is a fun and super effective way to teach and study.

You can read (and see more pictures) about this in an article HERE, or find the book HERE.


Such a fun way to study about Prayer! This print-your-own flip book really helps you dive into True to the Faith, other scriptures and general conference talks - and then you have it all in one place! And you can color and doodle as you learn! Girls would love this!

We have this flip book that would go really good with the lesson on prayer.  This would even be really good for the youth to do before they came to class!

This book is also designed around the doctrines and principles taught in True to the Faith, as well as the Bible Dictionary.

You can read the post about this HERE, or find the book HERE.

Darling blocks that remind you to pray! Just get the blocks and use these prints - would be a fun craft project!


This could also be a really fun activity to do after the lesson.  You can read about these prayer blocks HERE.

That is all we have now!  But check back in the near future for more.

Here are the pamphlets for you.  🙂

yw lesson 1 Believe Obey Endure President Monson

yw lesson 1 Obedience to the Prophets Claudio Costa

yw lesson 2 Where Is the Pavilion Henry B. Eyring

yw lesson 1 How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life Scott

yw lesson 2 How to Obtain Revelation and Richard G. Scott

yw lesson 2 Spirit of Revelation David Bednar

yw lesson 3 Ask in Faith David Bednar

yw lesson 3 Pray Always David Bednar

yw lesson 4 Key to Spiritual Protection Boyd K. Packer

yw lesson 4 Power of Scripture Richard G. Scott

yw lesson 5 Living Testimony Henry B. Eyring

yw lesson 5 Believe Obey and Endure Pres Monson

yw lesson 5 Be Ye Converted Bonnie L. Oscarson

yw lesson 6 You Have a Noble Birthright Julie Beck

yw lesson 6 Help Them Aim High Henry B. Eyring

yw lesson 6 About Patriarchal Blessings New Era

ss lesson 1 These Things I Know Boyd K. Packer

ss lesson 1 General Conference Strengthen Faith Robert D. Hales

ss lesson 1 Ensign to Nations Jeffrey R. Holland

ss lesson 2 Discussion on Scripture Study Henry B. Eyring

ss lesson 2 Discussion on Scripture Study Henry B. Eyring

ss lesson 3 Reverence Invites Revelation Boyd K. Packer

ss lesson 4 Power of Personal Testimony Dieter F. Uchtdorf

ss lesson 4 Witnesses for God Henry B. Eyring

ss lesson 4 Testimony Dallin H. Oaks

ss lesson 4 Teaching with Testimony Teaching, No Greater Call

ss lesson 3 To Hold Sacred Paul B. Pieper

ss lesson 5 Consider the Blessings President Monson

ss lesson 5 Tabernacle Memories Thomas S. Monson

ss lesson 5 Stand in Holy Places Thomas S. Monson

ss lesson 5 Loyalty to Friends and Lord Jeffrey R. Holland

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  1. Thank you soooooo much for including the pamphlet version of the talks!! It saves so much paper and saves me time from having to make them into pamphlets myself. Plus the girls don’t get so overwhelmed when I ask them to read a section because now it doesn’t take two pages!!!

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