Young Women (or Men) Activity Planning Calendar

Since we are almost done with 2010, some of you may be planning for 2011 – so here is a calendar to help you do that!  In our ward, we have the girls plan and put on the 2nd week activity each month (which I LOVE because it teaches them a number of skills).  So for our activity last week we passed out calendars, and the girls went off and planned for their 2nd week activities, while the leaders got together and planned for the others, and then we came all together and reported.  Of course, things may change through the year – but it is a really great start!  (And stress-reliever)

Everyone got 2 things:  a calendar, and a list of ideas

Here are both in a word document so you can adjust things as needed:

yw activity ideas

yw activity planning   Calendar

Also, check out our website here.


  1. Please Help!! I am dying to look at these for my beehives but they both won’t open in word and they are both filled with symbols rather than type. Any ideas?? I’m on a Mac. Thanks Shannon!!

  2. I am having the same problem looking at the calendar and ideas. I’m desperate for new ideas for YW. Please let me know how I can access this link! I am on a PC and am definitely not a computer whiz 🙂 Help!

  3. could you please make the two above files downloadable? Or instruct what program to use to open them? As stated in previous messages, when downloaded all that appears are symbols and letters. 🙁

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