Book of Mormon: Alma 23-29

ALMA 23-29

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Alma 23-29 is amazing and these chapters are loaded with so many great lessons and principles that can be applied to our lives today.  We have spent a lot of time on our weekly kit for Alma 23-29 and have loaded it with many options to help you and your family study these chapters.  These chapters are inspirational for missionaries and those deciding to serve a mission.  The Sons of Mosiah are great examples of persistence and not giving up in sharing the Gospel, even in the face of danger and extreme persecution from those they are trying to share the Gospel with.  These chapters show the fruits of their labors and the extreme righteousness of those they were able to convert among the Lamanites.  These are powerful chapters that teach us about how to avoid sin, how we can bury our weapons of war (our sins) so we are not tempted to use them in the face of temptation.  There are so many more great lessons in these chapters!


Our weekly kits coincide with the Come, Follow Me schedule from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They are designed and created around the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual but since they offer many options for all ages, they are also popular and used with Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, and Primary.

The Red Headed Hostess weekly kits have in-depth study material for adults so that you will teach your family with confidence and effectiveness.  Our kits then offer many activities and things to choose from for teens, older children, and younger children.  Each kit each week has something for everyone of every age.  Simply pick and choose what is applicable to your family and use those items to help improve your Come, Follow Me efforts.  Each kit is created by current and retired professionally trained Seminary and Institute teachers and each kit has an average of 150 combined hours put into it.  You will be confident that you are getting quality material each week with plenty of great options to pick from.  See more about our Alma 23-29 kit below.

ALMA 23-29


Each weekly kit comes with in-depth study pages for Adults and Teens.  These pages offer applicable commentary, tips, insights, and great discussion questions that you can use with your family or church class.  The left column has the text from the Book of Mormon with suggested markings that you could put into your own scriptures as you study.  The right column has commentary for the verses in the left column with tips, quotes, and discussion questions.  These Study Pages are the foundation of each kit and it is recommended that you use them every week for your personal study.  They will help you decide what to teach your family and what activities to use out of the many options in our Activity Pages’ file.  These are meant to turn you into a scripture scholar for the chapters being covered so you can then teach your family or class with confidence and effectiveness.  These are our most popular item in our weekly kits and many people subscribe just to get access to these pages and if these pages are the only things you use out of each kit, it will still be worth your investment.


ALMA 23-29


The Activity Pages portion of our weekly kits hold various activities and options for older and younger children. Also, there is often helpful things that could be used for adults and teens. Some of our most popular items in the Activity Pages will be part of the kit every week. These items include our Illustrated Stories (Bedtime Stories), Collectible Cards, Scripture Marking Guide for kids, Scripture Glue-Ins, Coloring Pages, and more.


Not to mention, each weekly kit offers unique things to that kit. This will keep things new and exciting for kids from week to week. Two of the most popular items are the Bedtime Stories and the Collectible Cards which can be used together or on their own. The Bedtime Stories are designed for a quick and effortless lesson when you don’t have time for much preparation. Simply print them at the beginning of the week and use them as part of a quick 5-minute lesson each night as part of your bedtime routine or use them as part of a more in-depth study during your dedicated Come, Follow Me time. Work them into your schedule or routine however you like. We created them to allow you, as a parent, flexibility. These illustrate the scripture stories covered in the chapters for that week and then explain in simple, easy to understand terms for kids the scripture stories and then offer great questions you can ask your children so you can easily facilitate an effective discussion.


The Collectible Cards have an illustration on the front and questions on the back of each card.  Answering the questions on the back about the illustrated story on the front will earn your child that card.  As the year progresses, they add these colorful and fun cards to their collection, giving them a sense of accomplishment as they watch their collection grow.  These cards print to be the same size as a regular trading card so that you can keep them in clear trading card sleeves in a binder.  These help your children develop consistency and excitement for Come, Follow Me each week since they can earn more cards with each new lesson. Another idea is setting up rewards for each time your child fills up a new trading card sleeve to further incentivize them.  See more activities below.


Our Scripture Marking Guide for kids is another very popular item in each kit every week.  These will get your child into the actual scriptures.  They walk them through step-by-step in finding, learning, and marking important lessons and principles in the scriptures.  They also teach important study skills that your child will use their entire life.  If your child can read, they can do these guides and also assist younger siblings still learning to read.  These are not just busywork for your kids telling them where to underline and circle certain things.  Each step in these guides have a purpose and principle that your child will learn.  Many parents have emailed us great reviews on how effective these marking guides have been for their children.  This is another easy, but effective, thing parents can do.  Just print it and give it to your child to do.  You do not need to assist them unless they are still learning to read or unless they have a question.


We offer many options in each kit so that you will have flexibility depending on the time you have to put into Come, Follow Me that week.  Here is how we suggest you use our kits:

  1. Download the Study Pages file and download the Activity Pages file each week.
  2. Study the Study Pages each week as part of your personal scripture study.  These will help you learn the chapters and give you new insights that maybe you have not thought about or recognized before and they will help you decide what to use out of the Activity Pages for your family.
  3. Open the Activity Pages file and glance through the first 6-8 pages. Those pages will show and explain step-by-step how to use each item in the PDF.  Once you decide what you have time for and what you want to use, click the hyperlink next to that item. This leads straight to that activity easily printing the activity needed.

We make sure to create quick, easy-to-do things for those days you will not have a lot of preparation time.  Then, those times when you have an opportunity to put in a little more time and effort, there are activities to print and cut that take more time.

Our weekly kits are easy to get with two options to choose from. Buy either individually as needed HERE for $4.00 each or subscribe to all of them for $10.00 a month.  The most popular option is the subscription because it gets the price per kit down to about $2.50 each.  Subscribers just login each week and download the new kit.  Click the image above to learn more about our monthly subscription.  With each kit offering around 40-60 pages of professionally created material, either option is a bargain.


To add even more value to our subscribers, we often add free bonus files to subscription accounts.  We have given away popular files such as page titles, downloadable booklets, and many things to use with General Conference.  There is a section in subscription accounts specifically for free bonus files.  One free bonus we offer is a streaming video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  These are fun and engaging videos that supplement Come, Follow Me efforts. Not to mention, they are entertaining for the entire family.  Click the image below to learn more about “Drawn In.”

Watch the video below to see what to expect in our weekly kits.

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