Come, Follow Me – Book of Mormon: Alma 39-42

The Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon curriculum for Alma chapters 39-42, which is Alma’s counsel and advice to his son Corianton, is packed full of fundamental and important doctrines regarding the resurrection, the Atonement, and repentance.  Alma teaches these principles and doctrines with clarity.

Our weekly kits provide the tools and resources you need to make the most of your personal scripture study and the scripture study you do as a family as part of the Come, Follow Me curriculum from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Our kits follow the schedule and are based on the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual and can also be used with the Come, Follow Me Sunday School and Primary manuals.  Our main goal with our products is to teach and help people study their scriptures effectively.  Today, more than ever, a casual reading of the Book of Mormon is not enough.  We must be diving into every verse and truly studying them in-depth both personally and as a family.  Our products are designed to help you with this goal.

Each kit is created by professional current and retired seminary and institute teachers.  Because of this, our staff has had direct training for many years from the Church about how to teach the gospel.  You can be sure you are getting high quality and effective material when using our resources.  Each weekly kit’s foundation is the Study Pages which are created for adults and teens.  Then, to supplement what you have studied in the Study Pages, we offer many tools/activities to help you teach your children the chapters covered in that kit.  There are activities for all age groups; just simply pick and choose which activities you think will work best for your family, and print those items.  Some items could even be used on an iPad or tablet instead of being printed.  We offer things that can be quick for the days you don’t have much time to prepare, and we also offer things you can use for your more dedicated family study time when you do want to put more effort into your preparation.  There is literally something for everyone in each kit, from adults to small children.  See below for more details.


Our Study Pages are the foundation of every kit and of all the items we offer in each kit, we recommend you use these every week.  Either print them or read them on your tablet.  These pages are written for adults and teens.  They are designed to make parents experts in the chapters being covered so they can then teach their children with confidence and effectiveness.  All other tools/activities offered for children are based on the Study Pages and are not created until AFTER the Study Pages have been completed.  That way they can align perfectly with what parents have been studying.  Our Study Pages include the text from the Book of Mormon in the left column with marking suggestions you could put into your own scriptures.  Then in the right column you will find in-depth commentary, tips, insights, quotes, and great discussion questions you could use with your family or class.  Putting in the legwork of studying yourself first before you try and use the activities for your children will give you a better scripture study experience.  Our Study Pages will help you with that legwork and give you the knowledge and confidence to have meaningful discussions with your family.


Now that you have a firm understanding of the chapters by studying the Study Pages, you can now pick from the Activity Pages the items you think will be a good fit to teach your family.  There are many options to choose from in the Activity Pages.  Don’t let that overwhelm you.  The intention is not to print and use every single item but, instead, glance through the provided instructions with illustrations about how to use each item in the Activity Pages.  Then pick your favorite items based on the age groups in your family.  Then print only those items instead of the entire kit to save on ink and paper.  Some items could even be used on an iPad or tablet, such as the Bedtime Stories.

Some of the most popular things in the Activity Pages are the Bedtime Stories because of how versatile they can be.  These can be printed at the start of the week or saved to your iPad.  Each story has an illustration with a caption explaining the story in simple-to-understand language for children.  These are perfect for a quick 5-minute lesson at bedtime or for those days you don’t have time to put much preparation into your Come, Follow Me study.   These can also be used as part of your more in-depth study that you prepare for each week.  These are very popular because of how effective they teach the scriptures and how easy and flexible they are for parents to use.

Another popular item in the Activity Pages file each week is the Scripture Marking Guide for kids.  These guides walk your child through marking their scriptures, finding important doctrines and principles, and developing specific skills in studying their scriptures that they will use their entire lives.  Just print the guide and give it to your child while you make breakfast or dinner.  If your child can read, then this is a good activity for them.  Or if your child is still learning to read, it is a good activity for siblings to do together if one of them can already read.

There are many other things to choose from in the Activity Pages files each week.  This article just highlighted a couple of the most popular things included in every kit.  There are also things to choose from that are unique to only a certain kit to keep variety in what you have to pick from for your children.


    1. Download the Study Pages and Activity Pages files each week.
    2. Study the chapters in-depth with our Study Pages.  Either print them or use them on a tablet.
    3. Pick from the many options we provide in the Activity Pages file to teach your children. Print or use a tablet depending on the activity you choose.


There are two ways to get our weekly kits with the most popular option being our subscription since it offers a great savings.  The first option is to purchase our kits as needed individually for $4.00 each from THIS section.  The more popular subscription option is $10.00 a month which gets the average price per kit down to $2.50 each.  Either option is an amazing value considering how much comes in each kit and the professionally created resources offered.  Click the image below to read more about how our monthly subscription works.


For subscribers only, there is an entire section in your account for Bonus Files.  These are popular files found on our website that would otherwise need to be purchased individually.  Things such as printable booklets that teach about certain stories or doctrines, scripture study helps, and General Conference helps are some of the things that we have included this year already.

Another bonus we offer to subscribers is a video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  These videos are great to supplement your study of the Book of Mormon.  They are entertaining and educational.  Everyone in the family will like them.  See more about “Drawn In” by clicking on the image below.

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