Come Follow Me Sunday School: Alma 43-52

This week, the Come Follow Me Sunday School Book of Mormon schedule covers Alma 43-52, which is the start of the war chapters.  You may have read these chapters in the past; but this time, considering all that is happening in the world right now, you will see these chapters differently and it is incredibly easy to see parallels to our day in these chapters.  The Study Pages in our weekly kit for these chapters will help you discover these parallels and what past and current prophets and apostles have said about them.  The commentary included in our Study Pages is very relevant and will help you know how to navigate and help your family during these tumultuous times.

Our kits follow the Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon schedule from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Our kits are designed to be used with the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual which is used for your at-home study, but our kits are also very popular among teachers who teach Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, and Primary.


There are tools and helps for all ages in each weekly kit.  Each kit comes as PDF documents which give you the flexibility to use and print the pages you think are best for your family or class.  There are lots of options in each kit, usually much more than you will have time to use.  Printing and using the entire kit is not the intention of our kits.  Giving parents and teachers plenty of options is our intention and then you have the ability to pick and choose what you think is best for your family.

Our staff includes current or retired full-time seminary and institute teachers who have had years of training on how to teach the Gospel.  Because of this, and being in business for over 10 years now, you can be confident that you are getting professional and effective tools to help you study the scriptures and teach your family.



Our Study Pages are the foundation of every kit we make.  These are for adults/parents and teens and are to be used as part of your personal scripture study.  These pages include relevant commentary, quotes, insights, tips, discussion questions, and more.  Out of all the items offered in our kits each week, the Study Pages are all that we recommend you use every week.  If you as a parent know the chapters in and out, you will know exactly how to teach your children and know what activities to choose our of our kit to help you teach your children.  When you know the scriptures as a parent, you are able to teach them to your children in everyday conversation and everyday activities.

Our Study Pages are designed to make you an expert on the chapters being covered and give you confidence in your knowledge of the scriptures and in teaching your family.  These pages are the most popular items in each kit.  We have many subscribers who no longer have children at home who still subscribe to our services just so they can have access to these Study Pages.  These will help the efforts you put into personal scripture study be more effective and applicable to your everyday life.



The Activity Pages in our kits are full of tools that you can choose from to help teach your family the chapters being covered in the Come, Follow Me curriculum that week.  There are activities for younger children, older children, and teens, although teens should mainly be in the Study Pages talked about above.   Based on the age groups in your family, print the items you think will work best for you.

Printing only select items will save on paper and ink.  Since these come as a PDF, some items can even be used on a tablet if you are sensitive to how much you use your printer.  Popular items found in the Activity Pages each week include: Bedtime Stories, Scripture Marking Guide for kids, Doctrinal Quizzes, Scripture Glue-Ins, Scripture Art print, coloring pages, and more.  In addition to these items, there are always unique things specific to that kit each week so that you always have new and fresh things to choose from.

Bedtime Stories

Some of the most popular tools in our Activity pages are the Bedtime Stories.  These are illustrated stories with a caption under each illustration that tell the scripture story in simple and easy-to-understand language that children can understand.

These also include discussion questions for younger and older children that you can use when you are teaching your children the story.  These are popular because of how versatile they are.  They can be used as part of your in-depth study as a family or, if you are short on time, they can be used as a quick 5-mintue study during bedtime or during breakfast.  Either print them and keep them handy throughout the week or download the file to a tablet and use them on your device.

Scripture Marking Guide

Another versatile tool is our Scripture Marking Guide for kids.  Print this guide and give it to your child.  It will walk them through, step-by-step, in learning important principles, doctrines, and study skills and in marking their scriptures as they learn.  If your child can read, then they can do these Marking Guides or even help a younger sibling who is still learning to read.

These are popular because it helps parents get their children directly into the scriptures in an effective way. Other than printing the guide, there isn’t any other preparation you need to put into this other than maybe answering an occasional question; so this is also a good tool to use when your time for preparation is limited.


    1. Login and download both the Study Pages and Activity Pages files.
    2. Study the Study Pages for your personal scripture study.
    3. Choose the activities you think are best for your family based on what you have just learned in the Study Pages.


There are two ways that you can get our weekly kits.  With our kits offering so many great options to choose from, averaging 40-60 pages in size depending on the week, either option is a great value.  Option one is to purchase each kit individually as needed for $4.00 each from THIS section.  Option two, which is the most popular option, is to subscribe for $10.00 per month.  That gets your average price per kit down to $2.50 each and offers bonuses for free that are exclusive only to our subscribers.  Click the image below to learn more about how our subscription works and to learn about the differences between purchasing individually vs. subscribing monthly.


We love adding value for our subscribers.  There is a section in the subscription for free bonus files that are only available to our subscribers.  Popular files we have offered over the years that are only available as individual purchase are often added to our bonuses section for our subscribers.  In addition to free files, there is another free bonus we offer which is a streaming video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  These videos are great supplements to your main study and are very entertaining.  Read more about “Drawn In” by clicking the image below.

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