Book of Mormon: Helaman 13-16


The Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Schedule now covers Helaman chapters 13-16.  These chapters cover the iconic story of Samuel the Lamanite.  These chapters show us more examples of how the Lord works through His prophets. He does this by warning His people and calling them to repentance.  These are more chapters with very obvious parallels to our day.  These chapters are very close to the birth of Christ and we can see the influence that Satan has over the people leading up to the coming of Christ.

In these latter days as we prepare for the coming of Christ again, there is more and more proof that the Book of Mormon was written for our day and benefit.  We have more of a responsibility than ever before to know what is in this book and to effectively teach our children the valuable primary lessons it contains.  The Book of Mormon will help us prepare for what is to come, and if we are prepared, we shall not fear.


Our goal at The Red Headed Hostess is to help you really know the scriptures and to help your family really know the scriptures.  The content in our weekly kits is designed and created to help you make the most of your scripture study efforts.  Each weekly kit contains detailed study pages for adults and then various tools and activities to help parents teach their children what they have studied themselves in the Study Pages.  Nothing can replace reading and studying the scriptures in-depth.  There are many things out there such as object lessons, videos, etc. that can supplement your study but nothing can replace getting into the actual scriptures and studying in-depth.  This is where our products are designed to help.  We help you and your family get into the actual scriptures and also offer some great supplements.

Our weekly kits follow the Come, Follow Me schedule from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and can be used with the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual.  Although our kits are intended to be used in the home, they are also popular among Sunday School teachers, Gospel Doctrine teachers, Seminary teachers and Primary teachers because of the many different options to choose from in each kit.  Some highlights in the Helaman 13-16 kit are shown below.



If there is one thing you should never miss in each kit, it is our Study Pages.  These are the foundation of every kit we make. Great for your personal study of the scriptures. They are for adults and teens; and they help make you an expert on the chapters being covered in that kit so you can then teach your family with confidence.  Additionally, they help you to choose which tools and activities to pick from in the Activity Pages’ file. On top of that, these Study Pages have the scripture text with suggested markings in the left column, and in the right column are relevant commentary, quotes, insights, tips, and great discussion questions. These provide talking points to discuss with your family or even primary lessons.  If you are a teacher of any type, these pages will save you hours of preparation.

The Study Pages are the most popular thing in our weekly kits, and many people, even those who don’t have kids at home to use the Activities, still subscribe to get access to these Study Pages.  Our kits are not just for kids; they are purposefully for adults first, then we provide tools to help with teaching your children.



After studying the chapters in-depth with our Study Pages for your personal study, we then offer the Activity Pages’ file that gives you a ton of options to choose from to help you teach your children.  There is something for all age groups in these Activities; just pick and choose what you think will work best for your family, and then print those items.  The intent is not to use every item in every kit but to, instead, choose the items that will work for your family.  Some things you will find in the Activity Pages file are illustrated (Bedtime) stories, Scripture Marking Guide, Collectible Cards, Scripture Art Print, Coloring Pages, Doctrinal Quizzes, Scripture Glue-Ins, Trivia, and many activities which are specific to the stories and chapters being covered in that specific kit.  See some of these items below.


These are very popular because they are versatile.  Print these or use them on a tablet.  They are great for a quick 5-minute lesson or for a more detailed study.  The captions are written in simple terms so children can follow the story, and there are great discussion questions to help you facilitate discussion with your children.


This is a print-and-go activity that will get your child directly into their scriptures.  The guide walks them through step-by-step in learning doctrines and principles, marking them in their scriptures, and learning great study skills that they will use their entire lives.  If your child can read, then they can do these guides.


These cards are meant to help your kids want to do Come, Follow Me on a regular basis.  Each card has an illustration on the front and questions on the back.  By answering the questions on the back, your child earns that card.  These are the same size as regular trading cards so you can keep them in clear card sleeves in a binder.  As your child fills up a sheet with earned cards, you could give them a reward.  They will watch their collection grow throughout the year. Additionally you can use these cards as a review on what they have learned in the past.  Just point to a card and have them tell you the story in the illustration.


Getting our kits is easy and you have two options to choose from, each of which is an incredible value considering the amount of content you will get in just one kit. Purchase each kit as needed individually for $4.00 each from THIS section.  The other option offers even more value which is to subscribe monthly for $10.00 per month which gets the price per kit slightly below $2.50 each.  The more popular option is the subscription, and you can read more about how our subscription works by clicking the image below.


-Login to your account and download the Study Pages’ and Activity Pages files each week.

-Study the Study Pages for your personal scripture study.

-Pick and choose from the Activity Pages’ file the things you think will work best for your family.


We love adding value to our subscribers.  There is an entire section in the subscription dedicated to free bonus files.  These are files that would need to be purchased individually if you are not a subscriber, and many of them are not even available to purchase individually and are for subscribers only.

One free item we offer to subscribers is a streaming video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  David is an artist and draws out the scripture stories as he describes them.  He is fun, funny, and entertaining for the entire family.  They are a great supplement to your main study of the scriptures.  See more about “Drawn In” by clicking the image below.

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