Eternal Families – YW Lesson 8

Here is a handout you could use to teach the doctrine of eternal families.

It is the Proclamation to the World on the Family with blanks taking the place of some really important words.

I would hand this out and have the young women fill in the blanks the best they could.  Then, as you discuss what words they put, and the words that are correct – the doctrine found in the YW lesson can naturally come up.  I would definitely look up some of these words and be prepared with some good definitions – – this kind of activity will get the girls to look more deeply into the Proclamation and they may have a few more questions.

Also – here is a Plan of Salvation you could use.  A lot of the doctrine is drawn right into the plan.

AND here are 2 talks that are a MUST read.  They have impact!!

Teaching the Doctrine of the Family by Sister Julie Beck

The Family Under Seige by Bruce Satterfield

Here is the PDF:  family proclamation fill in the blanks

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  1. thanks for the recent posts – seriously awesome! i love, love, love all the tips on scripture study and journaling. like many of the other readers, you’ve definitely helped me change my habits for the better…and i owe you a lot for that! so thanks a million! 😉

  2. Shannon,
    I love to read blogs! A friend shared your blog and I am so amazed…amazed how freely you share…amazed at your understanding of the scriptures…amazed with your creativity…I am just blown away. Thank you!…which doesn’t seem quite the appropriate way to show my gratitude. Do you teach workshops? I notice someone asked about you speaking at youth conference. Is this something you would like to do…maybe in Maryland?

    1. Thanks Sue! I love Maryland – – I was just telling my husband that we need to take a trip to the East Coast. You are so nice to even want a workshop from me 🙂 Thank you! Right now my life is way too overbooked for me to think about that – my husband keeps telling me to balance some things right out of it. If I did any workshops, they would have to be in the summer, and my husband and I are right in the middle of construction on an ice cream shop and it will be just opening by this summer – so now you know what my summer is going to be. And truthfully, most of the things I would do in a workshop I have planned for this blog. BUT – if things change in the future – I will let you know! Thank you so much – you totally made my day.

  3. You are awesome! Do you know how long I’ve been searching for an online copy of Sister Beck’s “Doctrine of the Family” talk? Seriously! You have come to my rescue once again. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Just wanted to say “thank you” for your work here on this blog. I am loving every post and so grateful that I “stumbled” upon it. I am the seminary and institute coordinator here in the cornfields of NE and love some of the great things you are doing in your classes as a seminary teacher. Do you ahve an e-mail I could use to ask you a quesiton? thanks.

    1. Hi Ann – so glad you stumbled your way here. 🙂 I finally updated “My Story” with my email. Feel free to contact me.

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