Come Follow Me Resources

Come, Follow Me Resources for Family, Primary, and Sunday School

We at The Red Headed Hostess have always believed that the home is the primary source of learning. This means we are thrilled about this home-centered focus. We have worked diligently to create high-quality Come Follow Me resources to help you.

We believe that you as the parent or teacher are the best source of determining what your family or class needs to learn.  Our goal is to provide you with ideas, illustrations, activities, etc. that you can use in a way that fits your needs and vision. Also, we include teaching ideas that we hope are either exactly what you are looking for or help spark ideas that you can use. This means they can be used from anything from lds nursery to lds primary activity days.

We are dedicated to making certain that each and every kit is doctrinally sound and helps you teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity.  We give all of our sources and our sources are mainly scripture and the Church’s website.

Come Follow Me Resources

Our resources listed below can help you with your personal scripture study of the Book of Mormon or your study of the Come Follow Me program or both:

  • Weekly Scripture Kits – Digital Downloads that can be purchased for $5.50 each.
  • Weekly Scripture Kits – Monthly Subscription. The same digital downloads but are offered in a monthly subscription and a savings at $10.00 a month.
  • Book of Mormon Study Guide – Spiral Bound Book
  • Book of Mormon Study Guide for Kids and Youth – Spiral Bound Book

What is included in our Book of Mormon Weekly Scripture Kit subscription?

-Weekly study and teaching helps that correspond with the Come, Follow Me schedule.
-Study pages with commentary written by experienced seminary and institute teachers to help you study each chapter and verse. It’s perfect for individuals and will help parents become the expert so they can teach their children with confidence.
-Learning activities for young children, older children, and teens.
-Scripture marking helps
-Scripture Glue-Ins
-And NEW this year – Book of Mormon Collectible Cards!  These are the same size as trading cards and your children can earn a card by simply learning the story and answering the questions on the back.  You can keep them in trading card sleeves and use them for review!

*Weekly kits are automatically uploaded to your account two weeks in advance of when the kit will be needed in the Come, Follow Me schedule.

Click the images above to see more information on each item.

What Does Come Follow Me Mean?

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Come, Follow Me” refers to a home-centered and church-supported curriculum. It’s designed to help individuals and families deepen their understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it aims to encourage regular and meaningful study of the scriptures and other related materials, both at home and at church.

The curriculum provides a structured approach to studying the scriptures, focusing on specific topics, stories, or teachings each week. It includes resources such as manuals, study guides, videos, and other materials to facilitate learning and discussion. The idea is that individuals and families can engage in personal and family scripture study, discuss their insights, and apply the principles they learn in their daily lives.

The “Come, Follow Me” curriculum aims to empower individuals to take greater ownership of their spiritual growth and learning. It encourages members to seek personal revelation, discuss their insights with family and friends, and apply gospel principles to real-life situations. As a result, it strengthens faith, builds stronger families, and deepens connection to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The name “Come, Follow Me” is derived from the words of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament, where he invited his disciples to follow him and learn from his teachings. Our Come Follow Me resources aim to help enhance this personal and family study of Christ’s teachings.

Looking For More Come Follow Me Resources?

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    1. Yes, we are continuing our weekly scripture kits for 2020 Book of Mormon. Your current subscription does not need to be canceled and you do not need to resubscribe to the Book of Mormon kits. As long as your subscription is active, Book of Mormon kits will just starting showing in the normal rotation. There isn’t anything you need to do. Thanks for asking.

  1. Hi I see there are already Book of Mormon kits available. Will you be doing additional kits for the weekly subscription or adding or revising?

    1. For 2020, we will be creating Book of Mormon weekly kits just like we have been doing for New Testament. The current Book of Mormon Lessons on our site will get discontinued as our new weekly kits get created.

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