Book of Mormon: Come Follow Me Alma 8-12



Come Follow Me Alma 8-12

This kit will give you insights into Alma and Amulek and their mission to the city of Ammonihah.  The Study Pages in all of our kits are for Adults and teens. They will give you in-depth commentary, insights, tips and more into the chapters being covered.  They are meant to be used with your personal study and will help you gain confidence in teaching your family. Likewise, the Activity Pages portion of each kit will provide you with various activities that correlate with the Study Pages, allowing you to engage both your older and younger children.  Our kits offer many options; the intent is for you to choose the items you think are best for your family. Once you’ve chosen, print only those items instead of printing the entire kit.  That will save you paper and ink and give you the ability to customize to your family’s needs.

More About Our Weekly Kits

Our weekly kits coincide with the Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon curriculum from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This kit is for the lesson that covers Come Follow Me Alma 8-12.  Our kits have items for adults, teens, older children, and younger children and they are designed for use with the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual.  Because of all of the many options in our kits, they are also great for use with the Come, Follow Me Primary and Sunday School manuals.

Each kit is created by current and retired professional seminary and institute teachers and offer professionally designed illustrations.  Each kit has an average of 150 hours put into it and average 40 to 60 pages in size depending on the chapters being covered for that week.  You will have plenty of great things to choose from to help assist and supplement your efforts with Come, Follow Me.


The above pictures will give you an idea of what you can expect with our Study Pages.  These are our most popular item. Many of our subscribers sign up just to get access to these Study Pages. For adults and teens, they are meant to be used with your personal study of the Book of Mormon.

The format of these pages has proven to be very popular and effective. The format includes, scripture text and marking suggestions are in the left column, while commentary, tips, quotes, and insights are in the right column. We do not create any other items in the kit until the Study Pages are done, ensuring that the other activities correlate perfectly. We highly recommend you use these pages weekly for the best overall experience. Moreover, these pages are also in high demand among Gospel Doctrine teachers and Sunday School teachers.



How to use Come Follow Me Alma 8-12 lesson helps

The Activity Pages portion of our weekly kits will always have many great options to choose from.  Some of our most popular items will be in every kit every week and other activities will be specific to a certain kit.  Week to week, we make sure there are always different and unique activities so that your children will have new things to use.

 Bedtime Stories

One popular item that is always included are our Bedtime Stories.  These are illustrated stories with the scripture story explained in simple terms easy for children to understand.  There are discussion questions you can use for older children and younger children related to that story.  These are great for primary activity days ideas, as part of bedtime, or study time for a quick and effective 5-minute lesson.

Collectible Cards

Another popular item included every week are our Collectible Cards.  This tool will help your children develop consistency with their study of the scriptures and the Come, Follow Me program.  These print to be the same size as regular trading cards and you can keep them in clear trading card sleeves.  As your children answer the questions on the back, they earn the card. Furthermore, it is fun and effective because they can see their collection grow throughout the year; this will give your children a sense of accomplishment. They are great for review as well.  Just pick a random card and have your child tell you the story on the card.  These are great to use in correlation with the illustrated bedtime stories because many of the questions on the back of each card can be answered in the bedtime stories.

Scripture Marking Guide

Additionally, our Scripture Marking Guide is another popular item included in every kit. One of the main goals of our kits is to get people into the actual scriptures.  Both adults and children.  These marking guides are perfect for kids to get them into the scriptures. They are great lds primary come follow me helps. Our guide will walk your child through verse-by-verse, helping them identify key doctrines and principles and teaching them how to mark their scriptures as part of their study.  If your child can read, they can do these marking guides. If your child cannot read, it is still great for Mom or Dad, or maybe an older sibling, to sit down and walk them through the guide.  Getting your children into the scriptures as early as possible will only help them as they learn study skills and how to navigate through their scriptures.

Activity Ideas

These chapters show how brave Alma and Amulek were in sharing the Gospel.  This activity will help teach that we can also be brave in sharing the Gospel.  This is an activity for older or younger children and instructions are provided on how to do this activity.

This activity will help your older children or teens study the “friend” section in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  If your child hasn’t been introduced to this pamphlet yet, this will be a great opportunity to explain what it is and how important the things taught in it are.

Alma and Amulek taught about the Plan of Redemption, which is the Plan of Salvation.  We have provided an illustrated diagram showing the different elements of the Plan of Salvation with each illustration teaching doctrines about each part of the plan.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a great talk titled “Learn from Alma and Amulek” in the October 2016 General Conference.  Make a copy of that talk and then print this note page for your teen.  Then have them prepare a 10-minute lesson about that talk.

This is a doctrinal quiz about the Resurrection.  Tell your children to circle the answers they think are correct. Together, go through and see if they circled the correct answers and discuss it together.  These doctrinal quizzes are a great way for parents to discover if anyone in the family needs a little more direction in a certain subject.

These illustrations can be cut out and glued into your scriptures’ margin as a glue-in.  They will turn just like a scripture page.  They are perfect to paste next to the scripture story. Once pasted, the story can then be found easily for later reference.


Our weekly kits are very easy to get with two options to choose from.  All kits are PDF downloads and can be purchased individually as needed or subscribed to.  If purchased individually, the price is $4.00 each.  With 40-60 pages of content to choose from, all created with professional teachers and artists, it’s an incredible value.  The other option is to subscribe for $10.00 per month.  That gets the average price per kit down to $2.50 each, adding even greater value.  Click the image above to learn how our subscription works and if it’s a good fit for you.


Often, we add free bonus files for our monthly subscribers.  We recently added a free file that can be printed and used for youth and children to track the four areas of growth. These are meant for goal setting in the new Children and Youth program, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, and Social. Another free bonus, available every week, is a streaming video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  We offer this for FREE to our monthly subscribers. Additionally, the videos are so entertaining and are a great supplement to your overall Come, Follow Me study. Click the image below to learn more about these free “Drawn In” videos.

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