Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6

Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6

Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6 is an exciting lesson.  The time frame covered is now getting very close to the Coming of Christ. We can see how much more wickedness and chaos is happening leading up to Christ’s Coming.  We also see incredible righteousness. These chapters help us make sense of the chaos of our day.  You have probably found comparable parallels in the war chapters in Alma you just finished studying.  The similarities to our day do not stop with the war chapters.  The Book of Helaman is loaded with many more.  As we continue to read the Book of Mormon, it becomes very easy to see that it was a book preserved and written for our day, these last days, as we prepare for the Coming of Christ once again.

More About Our Weekly Kits

Our goal at The Red Headed Hostess is to get you and your family directly into the scriptures.  We provide tools for adults to use in their personal study of the scriptures, and then we provide tools for children that will help you teach them what you have just studied and learned on your own.  Our weekly kits follow the Come, Follow Me schedule provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this particular kit is for the Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6 chapters.

Our staff is made up of current and retired full-time seminary and institute teachers.  The commentary we write for adults and teens in the study pages and the activities that are created for children are all created by trained and professional teachers of the Gospel who know how to give you effective and fun ways to study and teach the scriptures.  Each weekly kit has many options to pick from that can be used for all ages. From ideas for lds activity days to lds ministering printables, these kits have it all. Each kit will always have something that could be used by literally everyone in your family, regardless of age group, from adults to young children.  Because of the many options in our weekly kits, they are popular among Gospel Doctrine teachers, Seminary teachers, Sunday School teachers, and Primary teachers.


How to teach Helaman 1-6 with our Come Follow Me kit

There is no replacement for getting into your actual scriptures.  While other options can be helpful such as videos and object lessons, the effectiveness of reading directly from your scriptures cannot be replaced and is the main purpose of the Come, Follow Me program.  Our Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6 Study Pages will help you make the most of the time that you dedicate to your personal scripture study.  These pages include in-depth commentary that will help you apply and find parallels to the world today and help you know what you should teach your family.  These pages also include relevant quotes, tips, insights and great discussion questions to use with your family or class.  Our Study Pages in each weekly kit are the foundation of the entire kit, and we recommend that you always read them before you decide what activities you want to use with your family.

All activities for children are based on what is in the Study Pages. This is so you can easily know what to use out of the many options we provide, depending on what’s best to use for your family.  Teaching your children without first studying and knowing the chapters in-depth on your own will only weaken the effectiveness of your teaching.  Our Study Pages are meant to help you become a scripture scholar on those chapters so that you can teach your family with power.  These pages are the most popular thing in our weekly kits.  Even people with no children at home subscribe so they can access this helpful resource.


After you have studied the chapters on your own, we then offer many tools in the Activity Pages file for you to choose from to use with your family.  There are many options, usually much more than you will have time to use.  The intent is for you to pick and customize from the tools provided the items you think will be best for your family.  Then, only print and use those items instead of printing the entire 40-60 page kit.  That will save on ink and paper.

There are some items that could even be used on an iPad or tablet.  There are detailed instructions at the front of the file outlining everything in the kit. From how to use it, to the recommended age group for that activity.  It’s crafted for easy browsing of those instructions, allowing you to select and understand how to use something. Some items are easy print-and-go things for when you are short on time, and other items can help you get more involved when you have more time to prepare.  Keep reading to see what activities we have in the Come Follow Me Helaman 1-6 kit.

Illustrated Stories

Each week, we include illustrated stories called “Bedtime Stories.”  These have become incredibly popular because of how versatile they are.  These are illustrated with simple and easy-to-understand captions for kids explaining the story in the illustration.  There are also great discussion questions for younger and older children for each illustration.  These can be printed at the start of the week or used on a tablet.  Work them into your bedtime routine, morning routine, or as part of your main Come, Follow Me study.

Collectible Cards

We introduced our fun collectible cards at the start of the Book of Mormon year. Each week, there are a set of cards and the idea is that your child earns each card as they answer the questions on the back or completes certain activities.  Throughout the year, they can watch their collection grow.  These are the size of a regular trading card, so you can keep them in clear trading card sleeves in a three-ring binder.  These are also great to use as a review.  You can point to a random card and see if your child can remember what the illustration is and the story behind it.

Scripture Marking Guide

Another popular item we offer in each kit is the Scripture Marking Guide for kids.  This is designed to get your child directly into their scriptures.  If your child can read, they can do these marking guides or help younger siblings still learning to read.  These guides teach important doctrines, principles, and help teach your child how to study their scriptures.  This can be a print-and-go activity with very little preparation while still being very effective.  These marking guides can also be the source of some great discussions if you sit with your child and go through the guide with them.


-Login and download the Study Pages and Activity Pages file each week.

-Study in-depth using the Study Pages.

-Pick and choose from the Activity Pages file the items you think will work best for your family

Our weekly kits can be purchased two different ways.  You can purchase individually for $4.00 each as needed from HERE. You can also subscribe for $10.00 a month which gets the average price per kit down to about $2.50 each.  With so much content provided in each kit, either option is a great value.  The more popular option is the subscription because of the savings it offers.  Click the image below to learn more about our subscription and how it works.


Offering our subscribers great value is something we love to do!  In addition to all the great resources in our weekly kits, we have an entire section in the subscription dedicated to free bonus files.  We add things to this section throughout the year.  They include helps for General Conference, additional resources based on topic, and more of our popular files that are normally purchased individually.  One popular free bonus is a streaming video series called “Drawn In” by David Bowman.  These videos are a great supplement to your main study of the scriptures and are entertaining for the whole family.  Read more about “Drawn In” by clicking the image below.

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