Basic Doctrines Posters and Study Cards

Published under Doctrine and Covenants,Family Home Evening,Seminary on 08/22/2014

    These are really great study and teaching aids for your family or class! Seminaries and Institutes have identified 26 “basic doctrines” that are essential for us to understand.  You can find them HERE.   They are very similar to the doctrines taught in the Come Follow Me Curriculum.   These printables would be excellent for seminary classrooms, family Continue Reading »

Getting to Know You Activities… and Other Ideas for the Classroom

Published under Seminary,Youth on 08/20/2014

If you are a teacher in any form… here are a list of ideas I used in my seminary classroom or other youth groups! Take what you want, adapt what you need, throw out what you don’t. Seating Charts: I am a big advocate of seating charts.  In the past I have had them, and I have not had them. Continue Reading »

Doctrine & Covenants Study Books (Published)

Published under Doctrine and Covenants,Scripture Journals,Seminary on 08/14/2014

  The published scripture books are finally available.  Thank you for your patience!  It is a very involved, long process to produce and then publish these books, but we know it is worth the wait and that these books will help you get tons from these valuable revelations! We are offering a $3 off per book discount code for the Continue Reading »

Chastity Flip Book

Published under Most Popular on 08/13/2014

    Here is our new flip book called Understanding Chastity!   This is a 24 page book that prints onto 6 pieces of paper – we suggest you use card stock.   And here are 8 more pages (that print onto 2 pieces of paper) that have quotes. In fact, these quotes are not part of the official package, Continue Reading »

Dating and Youth

Published under Youth on 08/08/2014

* Note:  If you are interested, here is post on 40 Group Date Ideas   Most youth love to talk about dating. If you say, “We are having a lesson on dating this Sunday”, record numbers will show up. It is what they think about and what to know more about! The funny thing about this, is that in my Continue Reading »

Doctrine & Covenants Digital Study Books & Summer Download Sale!

Published under Seminary on 08/05/2014

First – we are kicking off our summer sale for our download store!  And the timing couldn’t be better since we just released our study books for the Doctrine & Covenants (see below)! Just be sure to enter the correct discount code as you are checking out: – For a purchase of $10-$19.99 you can get 10% off your purchase Continue Reading »

Family Proclamation Teaching Packages

Published under Family Home Evening,Teach,Youth on 08/02/2014

Sorry for the late arrival of this teaching package…  we have been working around the clock on the new Doctrine and Covenants Study Books.  It is really neat and we can’t wait to release it.  We are super close – we are just editing some things.  But the wait will totally be worth it.  :) This (print-your-own) package is filled Continue Reading »

Vote on Your Favorite Cover and Sneak Peek!

Published under Seminary on 07/30/2014

Update:  We have been working around the clock on these – and they are just awesome!  Look for the digital version by Monday evening, August 4th.  The bound book version should be available at the end of the week.    Thank you for your patience, along with it being a very involved and detailed project, we had a computer crash Continue Reading »

Covenants… teaching and study ideas

Published under Youth on 07/11/2014

Here it is, the COVENANTS teaching and study package I promised was coming.  :) Like I said in the article about ORDINANCES, I don’t think we can emphasize these 2 topics enough.  Since ordinances and covenants surround us each week, we may become too casual and disconnected from them.  I mean, can you imagine if we were only able to Continue Reading »

Ordinances & Covenants Teaching Ideas and Pamphlets

Published under Youth on 07/02/2014

*  This article gives studying and teaching suggestions for ORDINANCES.  For suggestions on COVENANTS, check out this article. ORDINANCES: It would be interesting to ask those you are teaching what an “ordinance” is and why we need them.  I wonder if they would be able to answer with clarity and confidence, or if it is a topic they kind of Continue Reading »

To Seminary Teachers: Ideas on How to Prepare During the Summer

Published under Articles on 06/30/2014

The Teachers: John Hilton III:  John Hilton III is a popular speaker, best-selling author, former seminary teacher and current assistant professor of ancient scripture at BYU. You can check out all of his books HERE. Anthony Sweat:  Anthony Sweat is also a popular speaker, best-selling author, former seminary teacher and an adjunct professor in the department of Church History and Doctrine at BYU. Continue Reading »

Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Mastery Cards & Posters

Published under Seminary on 06/12/2014

Here are the new Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Mastery cards!  We really went ALL OUT this year and provided you with LOTS of options! By the way – this is just the beginning of what we have coming that is seminary-themed (which also would make really great family study helps).  We are working on story maps for church history stories, Continue Reading »